caroline solis
Caroline Solis
Product Marketing Director, 360Learning
product authoring tool

Authoring Tool: Create Impactful Courses in Minutes With Collaborative Learning

Expectations for L&D leaders have never been higher. That's why we've developed our Authoring Tool to make it fast and convenient to publish and iterate courses using input from subject-matter experts.

New Advisor Guillaume Vives

Guillaume Vives Created a New Market Category With Zuora’s Subscription Economy–Now, He’s Helping Us Do the Same

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Guillaume Vives as an Advisor to the 360Learning team. Guillaume has achieved great things with Zuora, including helping to build the Subscription Economy space. Now, he's here to do the same with Collaborative Learning.


Discussion Forum: Boost Completion Rates from 20% to 90% With Collaborative Learning

Course completion rates are hovering at 20-30% across the industry, and L&D leaders need a way to make learning exciting. That's why we've developed a tool to help your teams complete courses and retain knowledge with Collaborative Learning.

Reactions: Deliver Engaging and Up-to-Date Courses With Collaborative Learning

Reactions: Deliver Engaging and Up-to-Date Courses With Collaborative Learning

Average course completion rates are hovering at 20-30% across the industry. This is a huge problem - and we've developed a Collaborative Learning feature to help.


Video Pitch Assessment: Help Your Sales Reps Nail Their Pitch With Collaborative Learning

With our Video Pitch Assessment, any sales team can leverage the power of collaborative learning to shorten sales ramp-up time, boost pitch performance, and close more deals.

How AlphaSights built a scalable onboarding program with 99% satisfaction rates

How AlphaSights Built a Scalable Onboarding Program with 99% Satisfaction Rates

Learn how AlphaSights scaled their onboarding by leveraging in-house experts and decentralizing learning.


Why Collaborative Learning is the Next Phase of LMS eLearning

Almost all LMSs focus primarily on administrators, not learners. It's top-down by default. And who loves top-down anything? No one.

relevance score common training problems

What Our New Relevance Score Tells Us About Common Training Problems

We analyzed the critical feedback from 244,000 relevance reactions across all courses and found common themes that plague even the best training programs. Find out what they are and shake them once and for all.