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Video Pitch Assessment: Help Your Sales Reps Nail Their Pitch With Collaborative Learning

Converting prospects into customers requires a powerful pitch. Yet, we consistently hear from Sales Enablement teams that they struggle to help sales reps nail their pitch.

For one thing, Sales Enablement teams are left to onboard and train sales reps on their own. Sales coaches–who hold invaluable expertise when it comes to pitching–are often excluded from the training process. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Busy schedules? Inconsistent feedback? Remote sales training? L&D and Sales Enablement leaders: we have the answer. 

Introducing Our Video Pitch Assessment

Help your sales team crush their quota

With our Video Pitch Assessment, any sales team can leverage the power of collaborative learning to shorten sales ramp-up time, boost pitch performance, and close more deals.

  • Be specific with your evaluation criteria
  • Guide sales coaches to provide qualitative feedback on how a pitch can be improved
  • Give sales reps another shot–after all, practice makes perfect
  • Share the best pitches to unleash your team’s tribal knowledge
  • Scale sales training remotely

Using a tool like our Video Pitch Assessment can help your sales enablement team scale pitch practice so that sales reps nail their pitch when it matters most. If you’d like to learn more about our Video Pitch Assessment, book a demo with one of our learning experts:

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