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Now is the Time to Invest in AI for L&D: Here’s Why.

As an L&D professional, when you’re evaluating learning platforms, AI features are probably high on your list to assess. And while learning platforms are all claiming they offer the best AI features, it’s actually much harder to visualize the impact of AI, or to understand if platforms can really deliver the value they are promising. 

Or maybe you’re thinking “AI is still pretty novel. It doesn’t seem like a good time to purchase a learning platform just because they offer AI”. And you’re right! Just because a learning platform has AI capabilities, doesn’t mean they will help you achieve your goals. That’s why it’s essential to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to AI.

At 360Learning, we’re committed to creating features that will actually help Learning and Development teams make an impact on the metrics that matter to them. We don’t build features just to have the latest gadgets or to say we have them. We know that learners must come first, and that your platform needs to make your work easier to manage. 

Our approach is to create solutions from scratch, because AI features that work in one industry don’t necessarily work in learning and development. We’re excited about AI because we’ve engineered learner-centric and time-saving AI features that will truly add value for you. Now is the time to invest in a learning platform with the right AI, so you and your learners can fully take advantage of what AI has to offer. 

The roundup: AI features at 360Learning

At its best, artificial intelligence is the perfect sidekick for an L&D professional. We’ve built our AI feature set to:

1) Automate away the boring, the dull, the monotonous, and the mundane. Can you imagine your life without chasing compliance or the repetitive tasks that fill up your day? 

2) Keep L&D in control. You’re the expert in learning strategies, pedagogy, and knowing what your learners need. AI and subject-matter experts can help you create content, but what if AI could also help ensure that courses meet your learning standards throughout the process? 

3) Create courses faster. You spend time working on course creation. Assessments, learning objectives, lots of planning, building, and reviewing. This process is about to get much faster. 

4) Improve the learner experience. Learners will have personalized learning, advanced search, high-quality courses in any language, and a library of content highly contextualized and personally recommended based on their needs, thanks to you and your AI support. 

When you can work faster and automate more, you have more time to dedicate to developing learning strategies and supporting your learners. Here’s a closer look at three of our most powerful features, and how they work together to do just that: 

AI features by 360Learning
When you can work faster and automate more, you have more time to dedicate to develop learning strategies and support your learners.

Feature #1: Prompt management

Manage AI prompts in 360Learning by establishing company culture, pedagogy, and compliance requirements that all AI-generated courses must adhere to before they’re even created. Save yourself time and reduce friction for your experts through prompt management. By learning to manage prompts effectively, you’re building yourself a strong skillset to stay at the forefront of L&D and in control of your learning programs, even as you leverage AI. 

By doing so, you don’t just create courses faster– you create courses that are relevant and meet your strategic learning requirements faster. You ensure your internal experts can focus on sharing their knowledge while also adhering to pedagogical best practices (keeping you in control of quality, consistency, and compliance). 

Prompt management in 360Learning
Manage AI prompts in 360Learning by establishing company culture, pedagogy, and compliance requirements that all AI-generated courses must adhere to before they’re even created.

Feature #2: AI-powered course builder 

Now that your brand tone and voice, learning strategy, and compliance requirements are in place, you and your experts are ready to create courses. Manual course creation can be an arduous process, like translating company processes and documents into engaging courses. AI is a powerful tool that can make course creation five times faster. 

360Learning’s AI features can turn a document into a course in 2-minutes. Imagine how fast you can update process documentation or create an onboarding process if you can take existing documents and turn them into courses complete with activities and key takeaways in so little time. You can free up your and your internal experts’ bandwidth, and make sure your learners have access to the most up-to-date courses by letting AI handle course creation. 

When your courses need a quick content update, adding new and or updated assessments can be the most time-consuming part of updating your courses. With 360Learning, you can access our Suggested Questions tool, to choose from a list of questions across a variety of formats. The questions come with correct and incorrect answers that you can easily edit, saving you the time of coming up with assessments. 

Your learning platform then becomes part of your company’s identity. Your culture, processes, and other contexts all reside at your learner’s fingertips. This is why using AI to create courses without context from your platform won’t generate the best content for your teams. You’ll end up with generic content that can be useful on a high level but misses the mark for meaningful content creation to engage your learners. 

In our AI-powered course builder, you can enter a title, course objective, and/or learner audience and AI will first review your learning platform for context. AI then refines your prompt to include your inputs, as well as existing content on your platform to generate a relevant course for your learners. 

Now you’re in (cruise) control with course creation, but that’s scratching the AI surface. 

Feature #3: AI-powered automation

AI-powered automation benefits your learners, too. With advanced search, your learners can easily find anything they need, including in classrooms or in a course activity. AI can recommend courses based on their learning activities, skills, or course completion. Using our Globalization solution, you can use AI to help translate courses so your global learners can access the same high-quality content regardless of their platform language. 

What’s Next?

So now it’s your turn. Time for you to use AI to get your real learner-centric results. If you’re not yet a 360Learning user, you can see all of these features in action during a free demo. Or, if you’re still curious about what AI can do for your team but not ready to commit to a platform just yet, check out our free AI Certification for L&D.  

You’ll never regret having more time in your day, and your learners will love the personalization of their learning. 

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