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Translations management without the migraine

30+ languages supported
Language manager
Macro/micro stats
File import/export
Translation interface
Adaptive language

Reach (almost) 100% of your learners in their language

Gauthier DanlouxDigital Learning & Collaborative Workplace Project Manager
If your company operates internationally, the Globalization solution is for you. It makes a single training course available to an audience of learners in multiple languages. We're able to release our training courses in 14 languages and reach almost 100% of our employees in their native language.

Centralize all translations in one place


Whether you're training in 2 or 15 languages, we make it easy for you to create and manage translations from one single place. Yep, even for SCORM courses!

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Centralized translations

No more getting lost in translation! From one single place, create and manage multiple languages of the same training, SCORM file, or skill.

Translators overview

Translating does take a global village. Assign local translator(s) to each version, and keep track of your team at all times.

Availability management

Not quite ready to launch? Need to mask an outdated version? Share content in your own time by toggling availability on and off.


Deploying a training program globally doesn't have to end in a reporting nightmare. Zoom in as much or as little as you need on learning analytics to understand training impact, and make data-based decisions on your catalog.

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Global stats

Get the full picture from one single dashboard. Access consolidated training data, no matter how many translations you're working with.

Results by translation

Navigate learning analytics for each translation and pinpoint gaps between regions to address critical skills gaps in real-time.

From France to the Rest of the World: How L-Acoustics Scaled Global Training Operations with 360Learning

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Upskilll yours teams, wherever they are

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Streamline training localization


No more endless back-and-forth with translators. Our integrated translation platform has all the tools your team needs to get the job done effectively.

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Add translators

Teamwork makes the (global) dream work. Empower local experts to translate courses, paths, or skills.

Internal comments

Communicate seamlessly with translators via internal comments only visible to the authoring team.

1-click notifications

Need to put translation work on your team’s radar? Send them 1-click email notifications to get them started instantly.

Translation interface

Give your team everything they need to do their best work with content juxtaposition and formatting copy.

Upskill without borders


Get over the headache of training language admin for good! Tailor the experience to your learners’ language with powerful automations, and connect with your audience wherever they’re learning from.

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Automatic display

We automatically surface training content in your learners’ language, so you don’t have to. In one click, learners can switch between available languages via the player.

Default language

Cover your bases with a default language that will show automatically when content isn’t available in the learner’s preferred language. 

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