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Blended Programs
Smart Scheduling
Webinar Integration
Flexible Registration
Attendance Management
Classroom Management
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Blend your training to perfection

Blended Programs

Reach learners with the right training format. Choose eLearning for self-paced theoretical training; and opt for virtual or on site classes for hands-on instructor-led training.

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Make more time for impact

Smart Scheduling

Buried in spreadsheets, calendar invites, and pings? Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming scheduling tasks with our Live solution.

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Create events

Remove the headache of repetitive, error-prone tasks. Schedule any number of live trainings, in person or virtual, in a few clicks.

Duplicate events

Increase attendance by offering learners different options for the same live training. Duplicate events and only edit what changes between one session to the next.

Manage demand

Capture demand for live trainings and leverage insights for future planning. If available options don't work, learners are notified when new events become available.

Webinar Integration

In-person training is returning, but virtual training isn’t going anywhere. Create convenient and cost-effective Zoom sessions in 1-click.

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Reduce your administrative burden

Flexible Registration

Maximizing fill rates is hard. Yet critical for live training. The first step? Enable learners to find a convenient slot in their busy schedules!

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Learner registration

Register learners to any of the created events. Or choose to open up self-registration.

Learner self registration

Feeling like a personal assistant sometimes? Let learners manage registration and navigate their schedules autonomously.

Attendance Management

Bogged down in attendance sheets? Capture accurate attendance without time-consuming roll calling and the hassle of manual data entry from paper sheets.

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Attendance statistics

Stop chasing paper sheets. Always know who attended what training and where. Stats are instantly available in the system.

Self check-in

Remove unnecessary touch points.
Learners confirm attendance electronically on a personal or a device provided by the trainer.

Audit-proof e-signature

Learner check-in comes with an e-signature. Check-in data can be downloaded to a fully audit-proof PDF.

Take your fill rates to the max

Classroom Management

Instructor-led training is a big investment, don't leave your impact to chance. Supercharge classroom management with data-driven insights.

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Fill rate management

Conduct a regular review of upcoming live training events and optimize fill rates. Train more people with the same budget.

Classroom dashboard

Identify low attendance early and take necessary action to avoid cost-intensive trainings.

Blended training stats

Understand where training time is spent with comprehensive reports that take into account attended live events.

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