Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins
SaaS Marketing Consultant and Writer

A growth hacker at heart, Jessica helps SaaS companies rapidly scale their inbound leads through lean marketing strategies.


7 Strategies for Teaching Soft Skills in the Workplace

Long-term job success comes down to soft skills mastery. Unfortunately, the UK is losing £22 billion a year by not investing in soft skills development. In this article, we share seven strategies that employers can use to teach soft skills in the workplace and discuss the tools you need to truly encourage a learning environment.


13 Great Ways to Get Your Employees Fully on Board With Upskilling

In this article, we look at the key steps L&D and HR teams need to take to develop their own upskilling programme and the best formats for learning, including collaborative learning.


Your Teams Need These 3 Hard Skills to Succeed—Here’s How You Can Help Them Level-Up

In this article, we'll take a look at the three most in-demand hard skills across a variety of industries, as well as ways you can enable employee upskilling for each of them.

employee financial wellness

Why It Pays Off to Invest in Employee Financial Wellness

Should financial literacy be part of your L&D curriculum? From reducing stress levels to increasing your bottom line, there are many benefits to say 'yes'.

employee wellness goals and objectives

Employee Wellness Programs: How to Set Goals and Objectives

Read on for ideas on how to build a wellness program that engages the entire workforce, from gym memberships to financial education programs. Let's dive in.

Cross-training employees

8 Benefits To Cross-Training Employees

With employees gaining the upper hand in the labor market, how can organizations ensure they’ve got enough skilled staff on board? Invest in cross-training.

real estate development training

5-Step Guide to Training and Development in Real Estate

COVID has turned real estate upside down. Here are 5 steps you should include in your program to help your brokers and agents get back up to speed, fast.

Second Job

Your Team Member Wants to Take a Second Job? Read This First.

You should consider their career development, what onboarding will consist of, and if your employee can handle the workload...Let's dive into the details.