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The G2 Winter Reports Are Out - 360Learning is a Leader in Every Learning at Work Category 

Every year, the software review site G2 helps millions of businesses make better purchasing decisions. Beyond offering over 1.2 million peer reviews, G2 also publishes its annual Winter Reports, giving readers a clear picture of the best technology solutions on the market.

In their 2021 Winter Reports, G2 named 360Learning as a leader in nearly every Learning at Work category. We’re rated as a leader in the Corporate LMS, Sales Training, Onboarding, and Course Authoring categories. And in the LXP category, we’re #1. 

We think that kind of recognition is a big deal, and we’re thrilled to know we’re making a difference. Thanks to our reviewers for your trust and support! 

Right now, a lot of people are looking back on 2020 and deciding what their teams need to meet the L&D challenges of the new year. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help - no matter what Learning at Work category you might be looking at.

A leader in Learning at Work in every category

We’re super proud to share these excellent ratings in every category for Learning at Work: 

1. Corporate LMS

Corporate LMS solutions help companies to manage and track their employee training. We’ve received recognition not only for our intuitive platform, but for the way we help our clients get the most out of it. 

Corporate LMS

2. Sales training

Our platform is great for sales training, and helps sales enablement managers to reduce ramp-up time for reps. Features like our Video Pitch Assessment tool are a big reason behind our great ratings, and help sales teams to share their expertise and improve together.

3. Onboarding

Onboarding new staff is one of the hardest things to get right - especially when your teams are working remotely. We’re thrilled to know we’re helping businesses give their new hires the tools and support they need, even from afar.

4. Course authoring

We believe expertise should be shared - that’s why our platform is built with immediate course creation in mind. We’re particularly happy to be recognized as a leader in course authoring. 

Course Authoring

5. LXP

Our Collaborative Learning platform empowers teams to share expert knowledge, declare learning needs, and grow together. That’s what sets us apart, and it’s a big reason why we’ve been recognized as the top LXP on the market.

Learning Experience Platform

As part of the larger trend towards collaborative work, more organizations are moving away from clunky top-down learning platforms towards low-authority, high-accountability learning. Our G2 Learning at Work ratings show how we’re contributing towards this movement by empowering our customers to create and ship learning content and improve over time.

If you’re an L&D leader starting a new role, or if you’re looking for a better way to incentivize your teams to learn from each other and share their skills, then we’ve got what you need.

Collaborative Learning offers all the help you need

If you glanced across the categories of G2 Learning at Work awards and found yourself going cross-eyed, you’re not alone. 

After all, it isn’t always easy to tell the difference between an LMS and an LXP, or between a Talent Suite and a Learning Platform. As we covered in our in-depth blog post on the topic, even we get a little confused sometimes.

Fortunately, you don’t need to suffer the headache of figuring it all out. That’s because our Collaborative Learning platform offers your business everything you need to share expertise and grow together.

As our rankings in G2’s 2021 Winter Reports show, we’re a leader in every Learning at Work category. So rest assured - no matter what you want to improve, we can help.

Our clients are doing great things - and you can too

Right now, we’re helping over 1,200 clients achieve great things through Collaborative Learning. Here’s a snapshot of what they’re doing with our support.

99% course satisfaction rates 

We’re working with companies like industry research platform AlphaSights to scale onboarding and professional development with content created by in-house experts. With our help, AlphaSights achieved a 99% course satisfaction rate with new hires. This is a great example of how our platform helps our clients deliver content that is fresh, engaging, and relevant.

Course completion rates of over 90% 

Our clients achieve higher rates of engagement and satisfaction because our platform is built with collaboration in mind. Features like Reactions help clients to make content that is engaging, up-to-date, and drives course completion rates of over 90%. When the industry average is hovering at an abysmal 20-30%, this makes all the difference.

Shortened sales ramp-up time

For busy sales enablement teams, our Video Pitch Assessment tool helps to unlock internal expertise, leveraging the power of Collaborative Learning to shorten sales ramp-up time, close more deals, and scale remote training.

Immediate measurement for training ROI

Because measurement is so crucial to long-term impact, we enable L&D leaders to demonstrate the ROI of their training programs. With our help, you can ensure you’re putting your efforts in exactly the right place. Even better, you can put an immediate dollar value on the amount of time saved through our Collaborative Learning platform.

Collaborative Learning

To find out more about how we can help you and your team in 2021 and beyond, or for more information about Collaborative Learning in practice, get in touch with us to organize a demo.