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L&D at Netflix: How to Lead With a Culture-First Approach With Kenny Temowo

David James and Kenny Temowo discuss how a culture-first approach, talent density, and in-the-moment feedback drive L&D at Netlfix

David James
David James Chief Learning Officer, 360Learning
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ruler representing measuring LMS analytics

How Your LMS Analytics can Maximize Learning Outcomes

To understand the true impact of your L&D programs and drive better results, be sure to measure and analyze these 6 key learning metrics.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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track runners represent training and development

9 Tips for Developing Training Materials In-House

These guidelines will help set your courses up for success, whether you're looking to support in-house experts or to develop training materials in-house.

Clémence Condomines
Clémence Condomines Product Marketing Manager, 360Learning
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Melissa Strong Aircall

L&D in a Hybrid World: Aircall’s 4 Tips for Upscaling Manager Training to Drive Growth

When you're scaling in a hybrid work environment, how can your manager training keep up? We spoke to Aircall about their 4 tips for upscaling manager training to drive growth.

Audrey Jarre Head of Learning
Inside 360
Upskill From Within

The Answers Are Right Here: Upskill From Within and Get Up to Speed With Your Next Big New Idea

Today, we're celebrating everything great about peer-driven learning and showing how you can get up to speed on your next big idea with a little help from your neighbors. And we want to hear your Upskill From Within stories too!

Joei Chan Director of Brand & Content, 360Learning
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GTreasury Impactful Learning Riyaz Adamjee

How GTreasury Creates Impactful Learning Experiences Using Subject-Matter Expertise

Subject-matter experts are the true engine of learning. But how can you leverage all that great expertise to create impactful learning experiences? We hear from Riyaz Adamjee of GTreasury about his strategy for getting the most out of great subject-matter expertise.

Jonah Goldstein Head of Learning, 360Learning
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NVA Health Group Adam Shandler

How VNA Health Group Welcomes New Nurses with a Targeted Peer-to-Peer Residency Program

When the market for skilled individuals is tight, L&D leaders have to step up to the plate. In our second healthcare L&D interview, we speak to Adam Shandler of NVA Health Group about supporting skilled new nurses with a peer-to-peer residency program.

Jonah Goldstein Head of Learning, 360Learning
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Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution mentor circle

Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution's 4-Step Mentor Circle Program

Mentoring programs are one of the best tools in every L&D leader's toolbox when it comes to connecting people and helping them learn. In this expert interview, Johnathan Saller of Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution takes us on a tour through his 4-step mentor circle program.

Audrey Jarre Head of Learning
Inside 360
360Learning engineering Career Path

Every Developer at 360Learning Knows Exactly Where Their Career Could Go—Here’s How

Learn how our company culture enables our engineering team at 360Learning to develop professionally, grow in different areas, and benefit from peer feedback.

Fabrice Gaudin
Fabrice Gaudin Director of Engineering at 360Learning
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Zapier top performance
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To Increase Top Performance, You Must First Define It: A Lesson From Zapier's L&D and Ops Partnership

Zapier's Dara and Danielle share their process for defining a performance appraisal framework, and how trust, peer feedback, and automation all played a role.

Robin Nichols
Robin Nichols Content Lead US, 360Learning
Management & Mindset
Mentorship programs

The What, Why, and How of Mentorship Programs at Work

Employees expect more than a paycheck from their place of work. Mentorship programs go a long way in increasing retention and improving engagement—here's why.

Ryan Carruthers
Ryan Carruthers Content Marketing Specialist at Together Platform
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Collaboration skills

Why Collaboration Skills Offer a Major Competitive Advantage (Plus 10 Ways to Unleash Them)

Fostering collaborative skills is about building a happier, more productive workplace that outpaces the competition and draws in top talent.

Robin Nichols
Robin Nichols Content Lead US, 360Learning