Jonah Goldstein
Head of Learning, 360Learning
L&D Collective Recap Engaging Experts

L&D Collective Recap: 10 Pro Tips From Our Learning Community on Engaging Subject-Matter Experts

As L&D leaders, we're all looking for better ways to engage subject-matter experts and build great learning experiences. Here, we've got 10 pro tips from our L&D Collective learning community. From Deel to Carnival Cruise Line, come and see what the experts have to say!

GTreasury Impactful Learning Riyaz Adamjee

How GTreasury Creates Impactful Learning Experiences Using Subject-Matter Expertise

Subject-matter experts are the true engine of learning. But how can you leverage all that great expertise to create impactful learning experiences? We hear from Riyaz Adamjee of GTreasury about his strategy for getting the most out of great subject-matter expertise.

Andrew Foote Tricon Residential Nurturing Leaders

Tricon Residential’s 3-Step Playbook for Nurturing the Next Generation of Company Leaders

Identifying and nurturing leadership is one of the biggest challenges L&D teams face–and one of the biggest opportunities we have to make a positive impact within our organizations. In this expert interview, we hear from Andrew Foote of Tricon Residential about his 3-step playbook for building a leadership pipeline.

Penn State Health Hillary Miller

Penn State Health’s 4 Steps to Put Experience at the Heart of New Hire Learning

Designing and delivering a hands-on onboarding experience is crucial for every organization–but for healthcare organizations undergoing transformational change, it's absolutely essential. In this interview, Hillary Miller of Penn State Health shows us how she does it.

Judy Zola Boston Children's Hospital

L&D for Wellbeing: How Boston Children’s Hospital Combats Burnout with Learning Opportunities

L&D teams everywhere have a critical role to play when it comes to supporting people to manage stress. In this expert interview, we speak with Judy Zola of Boston Children's Hospital about her strategy for combatting burnout with the right learning opportunities.

Sarah Larson Stanford University School of Medicine

Diversity and Innovation: Stanford Medicine’s 3-Step Leadership Development Program

L&D leaders everywhere know how important organizational diversity is to driving innovation and new ideas. In this L&D expert interview, we speak with Sarah Larson of Stanford University School of Medicine about her 3-step leadership development program supporting diversity and innovation.

NVA Health Group Adam Shandler

How VNA Health Group Welcomes New Nurses with a Targeted Peer-to-Peer Residency Program

When the market for skilled individuals is tight, L&D leaders have to step up to the plate. In our second healthcare L&D interview, we speak to Adam Shandler of NVA Health Group about supporting skilled new nurses with a peer-to-peer residency program.

Christopher Lind ChenMed

Healthcare L&D: ChenMed’s 3-Step Approach to Delivering Value-Based Care

In every healthcare organization, L&D leaders make a huge impact. But how can L&D teams support the delivery of value-based care? In our first of our healthcare L&D interview series, we speak with Christopher Lind of ChenMed about his 3-step approach.

Maitri Malia Johnson Controls Digital Transformation

How Johnson Controls Jump-Started its Digital Transformation with a 3-Step Peer Learning Strategy

Every L&D team plays a crucial role in modernizing the support you offer customers and clients. In this expert interview, Maitri Malia of Johnson Controls talks us through her 3-step process for digital transformation via peer learning.

AppZen Jay Kreshel TouchPoints Framework

AppZen’s TouchPoints Framework for Increasing Customer Centricity in Every Team

Every company sinks or swims based on how well it knows its customers. In this expert interview, we speak with Jay Kreshel of AppZen about his TouchPoints framework for increasing customer centricity in every team.

CLO Connect Opendoor Shaun Krietemeyer

How Opendoor Uses Peer Mentoring to Meet Learners Where They Are

Not all peer mentoring programs are created equal, and it's crucial to match mentees with mentors who can offer the right insights. Here, Shaun Krietemeyer of Opendoor tells us how he uses peer mentoring to meet learners where they are.

CLO Connect 2022 Learning Priorities

8 Experts Share Their Top L&D Priorities for 2022–How Do Yours Stack Up?

2021 has been an incredibly complex and demanding year for L&D leaders. Now, it's time to get a handle on your 2022 L&D priorities. From putting data to work to recognizing rich skill sets, we've got top 2022 priorities from 8 L&D experts from Amazon, Klaviyo, and more.