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4 Great Reasons to Brand Your Learning and Development Materials (and How to Do It)

In this article, we’ll cover the importance and benefits of branding learning and development materials to promote a cohesive and consistent visual identity across all training resources.

Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins SaaS Marketing Consultant and Writer
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The Role of L&D in Preventing Employee Burnout

Continuous skills development, leadership training, and long-term employee growth are essential to combat and prevent employee burnout. Here's why and how.

Keith Goodman Freelance writer & eLearning consultant
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The Unsung Hero: Studio Theolin’s Leadership Facilitation Approach to Tackling Boreout

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks with Jenny Theolin, Independent Learning Consulant and Owner and Founder of Studio Theolin, about how she helps her clients raise employee engagement in meetings and conferences by empowering leaders to facilitate a more fun and happy environment.

Audrey Jarre Head of Learning
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How Your LMS Analytics can Maximize Learning Outcomes

To understand the true impact of your L&D programs and drive better results, be sure to measure and analyze these 6 key learning metrics.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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Employee Education Assistance Program: 5 Benefits and the Cost of Implementation

An employee education assistance program helps you attract, retain, and upskill talent. Interested? Explore 5 major benefits and the cost to implement an EAP.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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employees internal movement

Why Internal Movement for Employees Should Be Your Top Priority in 2023

Companies face difficult decisions in times of economic uncertainty. Internal movement helps retain top talent and reduce costs by moving your employees into new roles that align their skills and interests with current business priorities.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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The Employee Mobility Strategy You Need in 2023

A solid employee mobility program proves real L&D impact and boasts multiple benefits for your business, from stronger employee retention and engagement, to lower hiring costs.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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mental health awareness training for employees

How to Support Mental Health for Employees Working Remotely in 2023

Why is mental health training so important? And how can you implement such a program remotely? In this article, we answer all of these questions and more. 

Jeremy Moser
Jeremy Moser CEO, uSERP
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rainbow representing neurodiversity at work

How To Support Neurodivergent Employees in The Workplace

Why is neurodiversity at work so important? Neurodiverse talent has plenty to offer the business climate - it's time to learn how to support them.

Jessica Day Senior Director, Marketing Strategy, Dialpad
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rock climber representing company scaling

How Great L&D Helps Tech Companies Navigate the Challenges of Quick Scaling

Scaling too fast can lead to serious consequences for companies. The right L&D technology can prevent these growing pains, while creating an agile workforce.

Tom Baragwanath
Tom Baragwanath Global Head of Content, 360Learning
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The Dos and Don'ts of Improving Team Performance

Everyone, whatever their level, deserves the opportunity to develop and understand their leadership style and work in an energizing team.

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The Jyre Team Software Company
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3 Onboarding Tips to Boost New Employee Retention

When employees quit, productivity, profitability, and team morale all take a hit. That's why good onboarding is critical—and why we're sharing our 3 top tips.

Robin Nichols
Robin Nichols Content Lead US, 360Learning