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6 Key Skills Chief Learning Officer

6 Skills That Make a Great Chief Learning Officer: We Ask the Experts

Our discussions with leading L&D experts have given us a clear sense of the key skills shared by all great Chief Learning Officers. Now, we want to share them with you, from making training fun to knowing how to reflect business goals in your learning strategy.

Jonah GoldsteinHead of Learning, 360Learning
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Our Roadmap for Becoming a Strategic Chief Learning Officer

Turn your L&D department into a strategic powerhouse and score yourself a position in the C-Suite with our detailed guide.

Joei ChanDirector of Brand & Content, 360Learning
Training & Learning

Learning Ecosystems Don’t Just Happen Organically, Here are 3 Steps to Build one

L&D experts use the term Learning Ecosystem to describe healthy learning environments. But what does a Learning Ecosystem actually look like? Here are 3 steps to help you turn the Learning Ecosystem metaphor into a tangible L&D approach.

Jean-Christophe Bourgade
Jean-Christophe BourgadeCo-founder & CRO
Training & Learning
Self-Directed Learning is Here to Stay, and It’s Up to L&D to Make It Work

Self-Directed Learning is Here to Stay, and it’s up to L&D to Make it Work

The term “self-directed learning” might suggest employees are the make-or-break factor for self-directed learning. But really, L&D plays a more crucial role. When self-directed learning fails, it’s because L&D took their hands off the wheel before implementing the guardrails, systems, and tools needed to keep learners on track.

Jonah GoldsteinHead of Learning, 360Learning
Management & Mindset

3 Factors That Are Changing Corporate Training in 2020 & How to Adapt

We’ve identified 3 biggest factors that are shaping the future of corporate training. Find out how the landscape is evolving and what you need to do to ensure your training programs stay useful and relevant.

Benjamin Marchal
Benjamin MarchalChief Operations Officier, 360Learning