Our 2022 Report on the State of Learning in the Flow of Work

Closing Remarks: How We Can Get Learning in the Flow of Work Right

Our 2022 learning in the flow of work report shows that L&D teams around the world continue to make progress with supporting learners as they carry out their day-to-day work.

The majority of learners are taking advantage of opportunities at work to help them do their job more effectively. But it’s clear that L&D teams need to better understand what learners need within the context of their roles to achieve this. Currently, this isn’t happening. 

Our findings show that many L&D teams either don’t have the resources to match learning strategies to specific roles, or they aren’t invited to provide employees with crucial role-specific support and guidance. Simply put, they aren’t given the opportunities they need to help people achieve more by learning in the flow of work.

So, what can L&D leaders do to change this and how do they get involved in supporting employees in the flow of work? We’ve outlined all the necessary steps in our six-step playbook. Check it out to learn more about:

  • What mistakes to avoid
  • Why uncovering evergreen problems and critical points of failure using data is the first thing you should do
  • How to understand your learners better
  • How to leverage subject-matter experts to facilitate learning in the flow of work
  • What types of resources work best for flow of work 

Practical, hands-on learning in 6 simple steps