Your Life, Your Way: A Guide to Creating a Flexible Work Culture

What’s Next for a Flexible Working Culture?

What a journey!

In our playbook, we’ve offered a roadmap to implementing successful remote work. You've studied our master plan for how to get your teams working successfully asynchronously. You now know the treasure map to autonomous working with low authority and high accountability for all your travel companions by heart. And last but not least, you've learned how to empower people to navigate their own learning and development journey to help them achieve their goals–and to help others do the same. 

Of course, we know that there are dissenting voices to every venture. And these voices are there to be convinced! That's why we've created a strategic cheat-sheet for you to use as a discussion starter. Download the resource and learn how you can overcome the most common objections to building a flexible work culture:

  • Hesitation and doubt at the leadership and managerial level
  • A belief that company culture can only thrive in person
  • A lack of trust in people to stay productive out of the office
  • Viewing learning as an exclusively classroom-based activity
  • Time zone confusion
  • An overreliance on synchronous meetings
  • Failing to provide the right guidance and support for teams

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to learn more about how upskilling from within can help drive a more flexible working culture, why not chat to one of our experts?  

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