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Tech Support: How to Choose the Right LMS Services to Drive Greater L&D Impact

Today, the way organizations train and educate their employees is changing rapidly—we’re all very aware of the impact that generative AI is having at this very moment. 

And this is where finding a learning management system (LMS) service provider enters the picture. But with the value of the LMS sector skyrocketing to a projected $47.47 billion by 2030, choosing the right services provider can be daunting.

But fear not, we’re here to help you find the right LMS solution to empower you to deliver, track, and manage your best learning and development initiatives.

With the right set of LMS services, you and your team will be able to seamlessly leverage the online learning experiences you design. Your LMS vendor should fit your company's specific needs to empower an efficient, scalable, and user-friendly learning environment.

Whether you're looking to deploy an LMS to enhance eLearning and content creation, consolidate learning materials, or track learners' progress, the right LMS service provider can bring immense value.

So without further ado, let’s kick off our tour of service providers and shed light on the key features you should be looking for and how to choose the right solution for you.

But first, what is an LMS service provider?

What to consider when choosing an LMS

Choose an LMS that's right for you

What is an LMS services provider?

As the foundation of online learning, LMSs are software solutions for creating, managing, and delivering eLearning courses for businesses, higher education institutions, or other organizations. 

And a services provider, or LMS vendor, is a company that empowers learning and development teams to get the most out of these LMS platforms. Specifically, providers can combine database management within a digital framework to manage online training, evaluation tools, course scheduling, regulatory compliance, and more.

Because your learning management system is a significant investment and a crucial part of helping you enable learning and development from onboarding to leadership training, it is essential to ensure that you are also getting the right services to support you as you leverage these impactful solutions. 

So, what are some common features that your LMS services provider should be offering?

Key LMS features of a services provider

Understanding the capabilities of LMS services in your LMS implementation can significantly impact the success of your organization's L&D strategy.

So, here are six common tasks that can ensure the smooth operation of your LMS and streamline your training initiatives:

1. General maintenance and monitoring: Keeping the LMS running smoothly by staying on top of routine maintenance tasks such as technical issues, software updates, and bug fixes.

2. User and admin support: Simplifying user support by assisting with technical issues and help requests like password resets or course functionality.

3. Onboarding: Finding the best onboarding solution, streamlining it, and carrying it out whenever needed.

4. Managing LMS content: Populating or updating learning content, resources, user information, custom notifications, gamification, video conferencing, and other content.

5. Data tracking: Tracking metrics on learner progress, course completion rates, and other metrics to help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs.

6. Integrations: LMS compatibility with other systems, such as HRM software, to streamline processes and improve data accuracy. 

Remember that LMS services may offer different levels of support, so it's essential to identify your organization's training objectives to help select a solution that meets your needs.

How to choose the right LMS service provider

Choosing the right bespoke solution for your team, your learners, and your organization is crucial to a successful LMS implementation. Even within your organization, each of these groups has different priorities, so it’s better to choose a service provider that offers flexibility for diverse needs and use cases.  

Whether you are looking to impact your compliance training content, boost your SaaS support services, or improve retention rates within your organization, you should be considering these factors:

  • Ease of use: Look for an LMS solution with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and is accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise
  • Cost: LMS pricing models can vary significantly, so it's essential to compare prices and understand the true costs (not just monetary) of each provider.
  • Features: Identify the LMS features that are most important to your organization, such as course management, monitoring and analytics, task automation, and integration.
  • Customer support: Opt for an LMS provider that offers reliable customer support, as this can be crucial for troubleshooting and addressing any issues that may arise.
  • Scalability: Choose an LMS that can grow with your organization and accommodate an increasing number of users, online courses, and requests without affecting performance.

How 360Learning can help

360Learning is an all–in–one learning platform that combines the capabilities of an LMS, LXP, and Academies into one powerful solution. 

Packed with social learning features and AI-powered tools to turn your in-house experts into L&D collaborators, here are some of the ways that 360Learning can help as a services provider:

1. Collaborative learning

360Learning is designed for collaborative learning, a training methodology where employees share their knowledge and expertise, teaching and learning from one another at the same time.

With our platform, you can enable internal experts to boost training efficiency, and all users can declare learning needs for faster and more relevant course creation. 

360Learning decentralizes the learning process by enabling all team members to request and create learning content. With our built-in collaborative authoring tool, you can streamline compliance and instructor-led sessions, as well as leverage AI to identify and personalize learning recommendations for every learner.

2. Scalability

As a cloud-based LMS platform, 360Learning is able to scale alongside your organization, by providing you with computing capability and storage that meets your company’s growing L&D needs. That also means the platform can easily scale your user allotment up or down, to reflect the changing priorities of your organization.

You can also scale your learning programs by leveraging L&D automation, which enables you to execute routine admin tasks like learner enrollment, certificate expiration alerts, and user management in a fraction of the time. Without any fuss, you can deliver the right training needs to the right learners from the get-go.

3. Ease of use

360Learning is an easy-to-use LMS system that simplifies training for you and your learners. Designed for speed and engagement, you can create courses in 17 minutes which achieve 91% course completion rates.

And you can easily integrate and host your SCORM course without the complexities of manual content migration. The SCORM player enables you to seamlessly deliver learning content to your learners, including an offline mode.

4. Customization

360Learning offers customization options, such as custom/mandatory user profile fields, course backup options, and drag & drop interactions. 

You can leverage tools like our AI-powered question generator to create custom high-quality training content and analyze data on learner performance quickly and efficiently.

Our solution also includes an adaptive learning paths functionality that adapts to each learner's progress and learning needs, ensuring a more effective learning experience by providing learners with flexible, customized training resources and tasks.

5. Support

No matter how easy an LMS is to use, you will likely need help at some point. 360Learning offers customer support through various channels, including email, FAQs, and chat.

6. Prompt-controlled authoring

It can be tough to maintain control and consistency of content while developing courses. 360Learning enables L&D teams to streamline course creation, empower subject-matter experts, and ensure compliance with customizable AI prompts.

You can also leverage a library of ready-to-use prompt templates perfectly suited to your training needs, to create AI-generated training materials that are always aligned with your organization's tone and standards. 

To save even more time in the course creation process, 360Learning’s AI-powered authoring assistant can generate personalized, relevant courses in minutes with these powerful features:

  • Title-only course generation: Just provide a title and our AI technology can suggest course descriptions, outlines, illustrations, and key takeaways.
  • 1-click document to course: Instantly convert existing content into engaging courses. Upload any document, and our genAI transforms it into a learner-friendly course.
  • AI-suggested questions: Quickly create custom quizzes using our AI-powered question generator which suggests questions based on your course content.

Invest in success: choose the ideal LMS service provider for you

Selecting the right learning platform will ensure your organization can effectively control and track training progress, enhance user support, and ensure efficient onboarding.

With a platform like 360Learning that offers collaborative learning, scalability, customization, and comprehensive support, it's never been easier to create, manage, and deliver high-quality learning experiences. 

Book a personalized demo here to see how these features can upskill your workforce and streamline your L&D initiatives from the start.