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How HOP! TRAINING is Hitting 99% Completion Rates After Digitalizing Their Training

Company overview

The training organization HOP! TRAINING has been operating for over 25 years in France. It provides aeronautical training to leading French airlines as well as 80 airlines around the world.

HOP! TRAINING offers comprehensive training for pilots, cabin crew, maintenance technicians and ground staff.

The challenge

The team at HOP! TRAINING was looking for a solution that would allow them to provide on-demand training to learners who are always on the go. To meet their training goals, the team had the challenge of introducing a solution that learners who are not familiar with mobile technology would easily adopt and engage with.

The key challenges the team was facing were:

  • Win over learners who are mostly on the go, yet resistant to the idea of digital learning on mobile devices;
  • Choose a solution that would allow fast adoption and ensure a smooth transition to mobile learning;
  • Allow on-demand access to training for learners who are based around the world, in some cases with a weak Internet connection.

The solution

In 2015, HOP! TRAINING chose 360Learning as a partner on their digital transformation journey. The platform allows the HOP! team to create and distribute training courses to its mobile learners all over the world in a few clicks. 

Mobiles native apps

With the 360Learning mobile apps, the course catalog is updated in real time and accessible in offline mode. This allows HOP! TRAINING to meet mobile learning needs anywhere in the world. For example, a maintenance technician located in a distant part of Russia can maintain their skills remotely and continue to work thanks to this training.

People-first collaborative approach

Collaborative features have proven a real asset for engaging learners remotely. Interactions via the forum, the Reactions, or the newsfeed features are an effective way for learners to indicate whether the information shared will be relevant for them or whether they liked a particular course. Learners can ask their instructors and course authors questions whenever they want.

"The collaborative aspect is a real asset, for learners and instructors alike." - Céline Kraan, L&D, HOP! TRAINING

Learners also participate in instructor-led training, but they don’t always think of questions to ask in the moment, or simply don’t dare speak up. In the platform forum on the other hand, they can directly interact with instructors, and other learners can join the conversation. Forum discussions are accessible at any time, and all learners can ask questions and benefit from the answers of others, even if they did not think of the question themselves. It's a virtuous circle: everyone learns from one another.

"Mobile learning was something flight crews needed to get used to at first. But as learners got to know the 360Learning platform, they quickly realized that this way of learning was much more flexible and better suited for their day-to-day." - Valentin Denais, eLearning Project Engineer, HOP! TRAINING

A successful transition to online training

With the implementation of 360Learning, HOP! TRAINING was able to successfully move from mostly instructor-led to digital training. Its catalog now contains nearly 500 training courses for mobile learners around the world.

By choosing a collaborative platform that comes with an intuitive mobile app and human interaction at its heart, HOP! TRAINING has succeeded in converting mobile learning skeptics into active and engaged learners. Completion rates on the platform are now around 99%.

Today HOP! TRAINING can effectively provide regulatory training to aviation professionals, even in the very remote corners of the world. HOP! learners consider that 97% of the modules are relevant to their daily work.

"This is not just a solution. There is a regular exchange with the 360Learning team to improve the continuously evolving platform. It is this collaborative aspect and constant innovation that we particularly appreciate. 360Learning is always listening and it's as if the team anticipates future training needs." - Céline Kraan, L&D, HOP! TRAINING


  • More than 2,200 learners are trained on the platform
  • An average completion rate of  99%
  • Around 500 modules have been created on the platform
  • 97% of modules are relevant according to the learners

The future with Collaborative Learning

While HOP! TRAINING is looking towards new horizons, its objectives are to innovate and stay creative. The HOP! team plans to develop new learning content by experimenting with more engaging and fun formats. The goal is not to replace instructor-led training entirely, but to integrate other platform features to offer ever more flexibility with its digital training.

The L&D team at HOP! is confident they will be able to face new challenges with a learning platform such as 360Learning that evolves with their needs.

"It’s the ideal platform. Because we started from scratch! From instructor-led training all on paper, we moved to digital. This transition to eLearning, mainly mobile, has been a colossal task. But it was worth it!" - Céline Kraan, L&D, HOP! TRAINING