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360Learning Isn’t Just Leading the Collaborative Learning Movement–We’re G2 Momentum Leaders

At 360Learning, we’re leading the Collaborative Learning movement. But changing L&D is about more than just showing people a better way to learn. To make a difference, we need to help our customers and clients build new capabilities. We need to create leaders in learning.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to be named as Momentum Leaders in the latest round of G2 awards, and to take the #1 spot in the Learning Platform category! 

And because so many organizations around the world are defining their learning strategies for 2022 and beyond, we wanted to take a second and show you how Collaborative Learning could help you become a leader in learning, too.

First, we’ve prepared a little celebratory video to say thanks to our customers for sharing their thoughts on what they’re achieving with 360Learning.

Trust your peers: why G2 reviews matter

The software review site G2 is one of the most trusted names in technology. Beyond offering over 1 million peer reviews, G2 also publishes regular reports ranking the leading software solutions in every category–including learning solutions.

The reason why so many companies turn to G2 for advice on software solutions is simple: G2’s rankings are powered by real users with real views and opinions. They give potential customers a clear, unbiased view of what works, and what doesn’t.

Even better, G2 reviews give us at 360Learning a clear sense of what’s working for our customers, and what isn’t. We pay close attention to this feedback, and we use it to iterate and improve our product and ensure people have the best possible experience.

So, what do those users have to say about 360Learning and the Collaborative Learning movement? Quite a lot, as it turns out! 

G2 users rank 360Learning as a leader in every learning category

According to the most recent G2 rankings, 360Learning is a leader in every learning category. Let’s break down these categories and see what they mean, exactly.

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) - we’re #1!

Our Collaborative Learning platform empowers teams everywhere to share expert knowledge, declare learning needs, and grow together. In the age of decentralized and distributed learning, it’s no wonder this commitment to leveraging internal knowledge has earned us the #1 spot on G2’s Learning Experience Platform list. 

G2 Momentum Leaders NTK

Corporate Learning Management Systems

Corporate Learning Management Systems help companies of all shapes and sizes to manage and track their employee training, and to measure the improvements as a result. In being named a leading platform in this category, our users have recognized us for making it fast, easy, and effective to create and ship learning content.

Online Learning Platform

Even with the amazing advances in learning solutions, a lot of organizations are still relying on hugely outdated technology to help their learners grow and thrive (yes, we’re looking at you, SCORM). The sad fact is, many L&D teams may not even realize there’s a better option.

By being named a leading Online Learning Platform by our G2 users, we can be confident we’re helping to spread the word about the benefits of fast and intuitive learning solutions.

G2 Momentum Leaders StarLeaf

Sales Training and Onboarding

A lot of L&D and sales enablement managers have had a tough time with the switch to remote or hybrid training over the last year. In winning a spot as a Sales Training and Onboarding leader, our customers have recognized how effective our platform is for connecting sales teams together and helping to reduce ramp-up time for reps. 

This isn’t just because of our focus on capturing and sharing subject-matter expertise–it’s also due to features like our Video Pitch Assessment tool.

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Course Authoring

We’ve built our platform around a core ideal: our peers have the answers. We believe expertise exists to be shared, and learning content shouldn’t take months to create and ship. That’s why it’s so fantastic to be recognized as a leading Course Authoring platform. 

Our Authoring Tool not only makes creating new course content seamless–it also makes it easy to keep this content updated as things change.

G2 Momentum Leaders Leyton

And in LXP and Corporate LMS, we’re Momentum Leaders

On top of being named the #1 Learning Experience Platform and a leader in these five categories, we’ve also been named as Momentum Leaders in the categories of LXP and Corporate LMS. So, what does that mean, exactly? 

According to G2’s momentum methodology, this means we’ve been recognized for significant growth in the number of reviews we’ve received, as well as a growing number of social media mentions and online discussion. 

Essentially, we’re not just helping our more than 2,300 clients and customers achieve great things with Collaborative Learning–we’re also helping L&D teams everywhere support growth with relevant, timely, and engaging learning experiences.

Yeah, but how are we actually helping clients? 

So, that’s a sense of how people see us on G2. But what exactly are our more than 2,300 clients doing in practice when it comes to Collaborative Learning? Here are a few examples.

Supporting company goals with better learning strategies

Today’s L&D teams aren’t just in charge of supporting people with training resources–they’re crafting learning strategies that enable companies to pursue their core business goals. For Aircall’s VP of Talent, Learning and Development Marine de Scorbiac, 360Learning has taken a key role in supporting company goals: “360Learning is the backbone for our learning strategy.”

Scaling sales enablement in changing times

Right now, organizations around the world are coping with a set of learning demands that shifts pretty much every day. At digital freight forwarder and customs brokerage firm Flexport, our platform has helped their sales enablement team to keep up with these changes and continue to scale despite this uncertainty. As Flexport Sales Enablement Manager Alexis Burbul put it, “360Learning has scaled our enablement in unprecedented times.”

Shortening onboarding and ramp-up time

When you’re scaling fast, giving your new hires a smooth onboarding experience is key. You need a way to help your eager new recruits ramp-up as fast as possible and start contributing to your shared success. For Matthew Felten, Manager of Operations Training at auto commerce platform Shift, 360Learning has made a big impact: “We have cut onboarding time in half.”

Achieving 99% course satisfaction rates 

We’re also working with companies like industry research platform AlphaSights to help scale onboarding and employee development with subject-matter expert content. With our help, AlphaSights has achieved a 99% course satisfaction rate with new hires. This is a great example of how our platform helps our clients deliver content that is fresh, engaging, and relevant.

Pushing course completion rates to over 90% 

Our clients achieve higher rates of engagement and satisfaction because our platform is built with collaboration in mind. Features like our Reactions and Discussion Forum help clients to make content that is engaging, up-to-date, and drives course completion rates of over 90%. When the industry average is hovering at an abysmal 20-30%, this makes all the difference.

Offering immediate measurement for training ROI

Because measurement is so crucial to long-term impact, we enable L&D leaders to demonstrate the ROI of their training programs. With our help, you can ensure you’re putting your efforts in exactly the right place. Even better, you can put an immediate dollar value on the amount of time saved through our Collaborative Learning platform.

We’re creating leaders in learning–and that includes you, too!

At 360Learning, our goal isn’t just to show people how Collaborative Learning can help build the fast, connected, and resilient learning environments people need today. We also need to create leaders in learning to help spread the word and show what’s possible. 

That’s why we’re so thrilled to be recognized as a leader in learning by our customers on G2. These rankings show us we’re making progress–though there is always more to be done. 

If you’d like to find out more about what Collaborative Learning can do for you and your learners, get in touch with one of our experts for a no-stress demo

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