7 Strategies for Teaching Soft Skills in the Workplace

Long-term job success comes down to soft skills mastery. Unfortunately, the UK is losing £22 billion a year by not investing in soft skills development. In this article, we share seven strategies that employers can use to teach soft skills in the workplace and discuss the tools you need to truly encourage a learning environment.


10 Digital Skills Examples to Help You Upskill Employees

In this article, we’ll explain the digital skills gap and why it’s widening in a post-pandemic climate. Then, we’ll break down the most in-demand digital skills for workers, whether they need to learn basic tech competencies or upskill to more advanced tasks. 


Why You Need Digital Upskilling to Future-Proof Your UK Workforce

Workplaces that invest in digital upskilling are now laying the foundation for the future. In this article, we’ll explore exactly what digital upskilling is and why it's important for UK businesses. Then, we'll walk through the major benefits of digital upskilling for the workplace and for employees.


UK L&D: How to Successfully Onboard Clients (Plus Free Checklist)

Follow these seven steps to show first-time clients why onboarding is so important and educate them about your product or service. 


UK L&D: Top Tips for a Great Induction to Work Process (Plus Free Checklist)

In this article, we share what a great induction to work process looks like. Read on to learn more about why it’s important in driving greater retention for organisations. You can also check out our handy induction checklist to ensure you don't miss out any important induction steps.


Upskilling for Success: How AlphaSights Boosted Productivity for 1,500+ Employees 

As AlphaSights continues to grow rapidly around the world, maximising and scaling employee onboarding and development becomes more crucial than ever. See how they train and upskill their 1,500 team members so that they have everything they need to perform their best.


Your Ultimate Guide to Inboarding in the UK

When your company inboards current employees for new roles rather than hiring brand-new employees, it provides your employees with more opportunities for growth. Here's how to build a repeatable inboarding process.


Digital Learning Platforms: What UK Organisations Need to Consider

To help you find the right digital learning platform, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask before making a final decision.


UK L&D: How to Get Buy-In on a New LMS for Training Your Employees

In this article, we’ll give you the arguments you need to present the business case for investing in an LMS for training. But first, you need to know how you’ll use your LMS within your L&D strategy.

Remote leadership

How to Support Leaders in Managing High-Performing Remote Teams

Given that remote working is here to stay, L&D leaders need to adapt their leadership training programmes accordingly. This is a challenging topic, and there isn’t a single guide or handbook that can help leaders manage remote teams. While there is still much to discover and learn, we’ve put together seven best practices L&D leaders can follow.


Inspiration Abounds at the L&D Collective’s London Meet-Up

Here, we share our main takeaways from our recent L&D Collective meet-up in London. From talking about the role of product management in L&D to stakeholder management and the relationship between Finance and learning teams, we've gathered all the best insights from a jam-packed event.

Peer support

Why a Culture of Peer Support Is the Best Way to Help Your Employees Grow

In this article, we discuss why a culture of peer support is essential to both organisations and individuals alike.