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Google MasterSaaS: 6 Ways to Ensure Your Sales Training Has a Lasting Impact

In our final Google MasterSaaS lesson, Brendan shares his best tips to ensure your sales training becomes a reliable tool that your reps come back to again and again to crush their quota.


Google MasterSaaS: How to Build a Culture of Continuous Learning in Your Sales Training

“Is the training you’re offering today still going to be effective in 12 months? At Google, our assumption is no. Whether you’re a small organisation or a large one, you need to set the expectations that there’s going to be continual change." Here's how.

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Google MasterSaaS: 6 Steps to Produce Your Sales Training Course Material

For many, creating sales training course content is a painful process. It either costs a lot or takes hours. Google’s Head of Sales Training, Brendan McGeever, is here to show us a better way to create training content your sales reps love.

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Google MasterSaaS: 6 Ways to Create An Excellent Sales Onboarding Process

As the most fundamental part of training, sales onboarding lays the foundation for new hires to develop key skills, reduce ramp-up time, and make an impact. Here's how Google does it.

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Google MasterSaaS: 5 Tips for Building a Great Sales Training Strategy

Impactful sales training is much more than just a great PowerPoint deck or a motivational speech from the likes of Tony Robbins. It starts with a great overall strategy. Here's how Google does it.

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Introducing MasterSaaS: Learn Sales Training with Google, for free

We love MasterClass, so we created our own.