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Introducing MasterSaaS: Learn Sales Training with Google, for free

I've always been super impressed by the quality of the classes on Superb production quality. World-class teachers. Exclusive content you can't find anywhere else.

In the B2B world, we're used to a very different type of content. Comment-bait LinkedIn posts, shaky selfie videos, hour-long zoom calls with terrible audio...we've seen them all.

I thought, wouldn't it be great if someone created a SaaS version of MasterClass?

So, we did.

Paying homage to who first introduced beautifully edited masterclasses from the best of the world, we've created MasterSaaS, a SaaS Masterclass, with Google's Head of Sales Training, Brendan McGeever.

Meet your Sales Training Coach, Brendan McGeever

Brendan is leading the implementation of a new approach to training and mentoring for all client-facing Googlers in EMEA. Graduated from Harvard Business School, he worked in Google’s large customer sales organization before taking on this role in January 2016.

Learn Sales Training with Google, for free

Like MasterClass, we've found the most qualified person we know to teach this topic on sales training, with high-quality production and editing that aim to provide you with the best learning experience possible. Unlike MasterClass, our MasterSaaS is 100% free.

Over the next 5 weeks, we’ll share Brendan's tried-and-tested, never-shared-before tips and tactics Google uses to train their 4,000 sales all over the world. 

Every week, we’ll publish one episode of the Sales Training MasterSaaS on our blog, covering a different sales training topic each week. 

We'll update this page every week with the latest episode, so you can come back and check every Thursday. The easier option is to subscribe to our weekly newsletter - Joei will send the latest episode along with some carefully curated blog content straight to your inbox. (You can subscribe above on the top-right corner of the page or in the huge light green banner below.)

Lesson 2: How to create your sales training strategy

How to create your sales training strategy

  • Understand your sales organization
  • Identify your way of selling
  • Building consensus
  • Tailor sales training strategy to address your weakness
  • Case study: Google's 3 pillars
  • Communicate on the training priority internally

Lesson 3: Building your sales onboarding path

How to build your sales onboarding path

  • Structure onboarding to align with your way of selling
  • Protect your new hire’s onboarding time
  • Get buy-in by continuously improving your training
  • Tailor onboarding training to real-life scenarios and use cases
  • Personalize your onboarding experience
  • Measure the impact

Lesson 4: How to produce your sales training course material

how to produce sales training course material

  • Identify contributors and partners for creating training content
  • Keep track of the training progress with clear goals
  • Have subject-matter-experts design the courses
  • Leverage both external facilitators and internal high-performers
  • Incorporate salespeople’s feedback in the curriculum development process
  • Be present and engage with participants during the training

Lesson 5: Building a continuous learning culture

continuous learning culture sales training

  • Assume your sales training needs to change
  • Involve senior employees
  • Adapt the format and environment to the skills to be learned

Lesson 6: Ensuring your sales training impact

google mastersaas sales training impact header

  • Training is not "a box you check"
  • Coaching your coaches
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest sales challenges
  • Digital learning as a long-term investment
  • Focus on your customer’s needs
  • Don't make it too hard

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