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rainbow representing neurodiversity at work

How To Support Neurodivergent Employees in The Workplace

Why is neurodiversity at work so important? Neurodiverse talent has plenty to offer the business climate - it's time to learn how to support them.

Painting of a globe representing cross-cultural training

Expanding Internationally? How to Launch Cross-Cultural Training (in 5 Steps)

Here's how we got our own cross-cultural training off the ground. Spoiler: it was a massive hit.

diversity audit

How to Use a Diversity Audit to Create Better DEI Training

An in-depth look at your company’s commitment to DEI through the lens of a diversity audit can help you to create a more inclusive environment.

Diversity training in the workplace

How to Make Diversity Training a Top Priority in the Workplace

Avoid diversity fatigue and ineffective, one-shot programs by investing in a long-term diversity training program for your workplace.

Diversity Training Examples

Diversity Training Examples to Strengthen Your DEI Initiatives

We provide concrete examples for how to strengthen your DEI program, from implicit bias training to mentoring, and more.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

5 Reasons Diversity and Inclusion Training is Great for Your Bottom Line

A truly inclusive and diverse workplace benefits nearly every facet of an organization—and that includes financially.

DEI training

A Comprehensive Guide to DEI Training

Diverse teams are smarter, highly productive, and more innovative. So, how can you do your part as an L&D professional to support DEI? We've got a few ideas.

diversity training programs

13 Diversity Training Programs to Kickstart DEI in 2022

We shortlisted the best free and paid programs as a starting point for your decision-making process around your DEI program.

L&D Gender Pay Gap

I get £1, you get 81p: The 19% L&D Gender Pay Gap, and What UK Employers Can Do About It

As each year passes, the view that salary transparency is the remedy for pay inequality, particularly the gender pay gap, is surging. Many argue it’s the best opportunity to eliminate bias within the workplace and increase diversity within organizations. Here's how we can level the playing field.

Gender pay gap uk

How Can We Level the Playing Field and Address the Gender Pay Gap?

In this section, we delve into the topic of the UK gender pay gap in more detail, and offer some practical strategies employers can use to meaningfully address these disparities.

Airbnb multicultural training Stephanie Lynch

The Power of Shared Experience: How Airbnb Celebrates Diversity through Multicultural Training

Every L&D leader knows the crucial role learning plays in building a diverse and inclusive organizational culture. In this expert interview, we hear from Stephanie Lynch of Airbnb about how the vacation rental platform celebrates diversity through multicultural training.

Judy Zola Boston Children's Hospital

L&D for Wellbeing: How Boston Children’s Hospital Combats Burnout with Learning Opportunities

L&D teams everywhere have a critical role to play when it comes to supporting people to manage stress. In this expert interview, we speak with Judy Zola of Boston Children's Hospital about her strategy for combatting burnout with the right learning opportunities.