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Standing Out From the Crowd: Maestro Group’s 4-Phased Approach to Formalized Learning Design

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks to Andrés Peters, Chief Learning Officer (Head of Enablement, Leadership, and Learning) at Maestro Group, about his four-phased approach to formalized course design and how his team is standing out from the crowd.

puppy on ipad representing saas customer enablement

What is Customer Enablement and 5 Best Practices for SaaS Customers

Want your SaaS product to be more profitable? Invest in your customers and prepare them to use your product.


UK L&D: How to Successfully Onboard Clients (Plus Free Checklist)

Follow these seven steps to show first-time clients why onboarding is so important and educate them about your product or service. 

welcome mat representing customer onboarding best practices

5 Best Practices to Boost Your Customer Onboarding

If your customer onboarding program only focuses on retention, you're probably missing the mark. Here are 5 best practices to help you deliver what customers actually what from their onboarding experience.

smiley representing happy customer product education

Want Happy Customers? Invest in Product Education

Targeted product education processes benefit both your clients and employees. Boost engagement, lower churn, and turn clients into product experts.

lock representing customer education strategy retention

How to Create A Customer Education Strategy That Boosts Retention

In this guide, you’ll learn how to develop a solid customer education strategy that can help you win customer loyalty.

Woman jumping customer onboarding with client onboarding checklist

Jumpstart Your Customer Relationships: Free Client Onboarding Checklist

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with a stellar onboarding experience. Here's how to do that in 6 steps.

Joe Ryan Maltego Deep Dive Investigation

Freeing Up Subject-Matter Experts: Maltego’s 3-Step Deep Dive Investigation Approach for Unlocking Domain Knowledge

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speak's with Joe Ryan, Program Manager of Training at Maltego, about how he developed his deep dive investigation approach with the goal of freeing up SMEs' time, whilst ensuring their company’s domain knowledge is spread throughout the organization and that customers still receive high quality content.