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Product Update: Manager Dashboard, Exciting Live Training Updates, and More Collaborative Learning Features

End of year celebrations call for some reflection time, and product recap blog posts are no exception. A year ago this little corner of the 360Learning blog didn’t even exist, and here we are, 60+ new features (!) and many, many proofreading suggestions later. #teamwork 

As we realize how far we’ve come, we’re immensely grateful for your trust and feedback along the way. We’ve never been more motivated to help L&D teams out there achieve higher training outcomes, enhance `learners’ experience, and drive business growth with Collaborative Learning.

So, here’s one final recap of what we’ve been up to before our team—and yours!—take some well-deserved time off. 

Let’s get to it!

Create the right content at the right time

Fact: learners won’t engage with training content that doesn’t feel relevant to their daily challenges.

That said, creating personalized learning experiences is easier than you think. All you need is to let the right expertise in, and leverage automation to do the admin work for you.

At 360Learning, we’re all about improving the authoring experience so your team can create impactful training programs in minutes. 

Introducing: translator-powered subtitles, and reminders to share courses. 

Translator-powered subtitles

Connecting with your learners is about speaking their language, quite literally. A few months back, we introduced the ability to upload video subtitles in just a few clicks. 

This time, we’re leveraging it to better connect global teams through language barriers. Clients of the Globalization solution will be able to empower local translators to upload subtitles files in the localized version right from the course editor. That’s how you create hyper-personalized training at scale!

Reminders to share courses

Aaah, unshared courses, aka the modern-day curse of L&D teams. 

With so many projects on the go, what if you forget to publish content your employees need? 😰

We’re here to help with bi-monthly reminders that will list recent courses not yet shared into a group’s program, Path, or catalog. Designed for forgetful authors (we won’t tell if you don’t), or busy professionals just like you.

Deliver a top-notch user experience

Linker question redesign 

They say the devil is in the details. With a war for attention waging from all corners of the Internet, learner experience has become the name of the game. And you don’t have to take our word for it. As a recent Gartner Market Guide for Corporate Learning put it:

"The shift to remote/hybrid work driven by COVID-19 has led to an acceleration of digital learning strategies that prioritize learner experience”

So when you tell us that something isn’t working for your learners, we listen.

Cue in: a highly-requested redesign of the Linker question! Matching the right pairs, understanding the correction, and overall connecting the dots (pun intended) has never been easier.

Linker question update
Find the matching pairs and understand the correction easily.

Scale your admin work

Centralized L&D teams don’t always have their finger on the pulse of local teams. They need someone with boots on the ground who can come up with a solution when learning needs arise. 

At 360Learning, we’re always looking for ways to decrease your admin work by empowering local teams. The more local your initiatives, the more engaged your teams. It’s a win-win! 

Manager dashboard

There’s no way around it: managers know their teams best. So why wouldn’t you include them in your training strategy? With our new manager dashboard, they have all the information at their fingertips to monitor the team’s progression and send training reminders.

Manager dashboard update
Managers can monitor their team’s performance at a glance with a new dashboard.

Live training improvements

Whether we like it or not, hybrid work is here to stay. This doesn’t come without challenges for L&D teams who now need to juggle hybrid schedules in addition to the usual logistical acrobatics. We’re here to help with modern training solutions that fit your team’s needs.

First, say hello to a new check-in page (for the Live solution customers only), complete with clearer CTAs, filters, and auto-updates. You read that right: you don't need to refresh the Classroom page to see learner status changing!

And because Live training management is all about optimizing fill rates, you can now quickly review the fill rate of your classrooms with the new columns we’ve added in the classroom dashboard:

  • Learners: Shows the number of learners in a classroom.
  • Fill rate: Shows percentage of spots filled for classroom slots with a max capacity set.

Fill rate: Shows percentage of spots filled for classroom slots with a max capacity set.

Live training update
Track classroom impact with 2 new columns in the Classrooms dashboard.

Manage your training projects easily

Have you heard? 77% of your team has valuable knowledge to share but they don’t know how to convey it. That’s a huge number of experts you’re missing out on leveraging for learning programs. 

360Learning’s Champion Solution helps fast-growing organizations like yours scale their learning programs by unlocking the power of internal experts. Teams can easily share learning needs, volunteer as experts, and launch learning content faster with a dynamic project tool.

Champion solution CTA

Project Lead role

Training projects are projects in their own right. And just like any other project, they need accountability. Empower someone on the project team to take on a Project Lead role with special permissions (admin on the Project and ability to update squad members), and share relevant training projects in no time!

Don’t go anywhere! We’re already working on the next updates

That’s a wrap on the list of all the great new ways to achieve Collaborative Learning within your organization. Psst: we’re already working on our next set of updates! 

If you’d like more information on any of these updates and what they can bring to you, head over to our product release notes

We’ll be back in touch with even more exciting developments very soon! 

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