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Hallo Collaborative Learning! 360Learning Launches a New Home Market: Germany 

Preparations have been in full swing for months. First, we were busy behind the scenes. Then we raised the curtain with the launch of our German website and blog. And now it's official: 360Learning has arrived in Germany! 

We’re here to continue our mission to provide German companies with a head start thanks to collaborative learning. With our market entry, we want to continue our success story following on from the existing European markets of France, Great Britain and Scandinavia. 

360Learning GmbH is based in Karlsruhe. Under its roof, our fast-growing German team is working to provide companies from Germany, but also Switzerland and Austria, with a tailor-made learning solution to help them achieve their aspirations through upskilling from within.

Why are we making the step into Germany?

Even before our actual market entry, we could observe a growing demand from Germany for our platform. And there are good reasons for this. Because here, too, corporate learning is facing some significant challenges: 

  • Technical expertise is rare–and at the same time it’s the key to innovation and competitiveness.
  • Technology is constantly evolving–top-down training cannot meet the massive demand for further qualification in German companies.
  • Staffing movements can cause huge disruption–and the tools for managing strategic personnel development are often lacking.

In light of this, learning and professional development has long ceased to be a desirable ‘nice-to-have’ for German companies. On the contrary, it is essential in determining whether or not a company will survive in tomorrow's market.

This is where 360Learning comes in. We offer an all-in-one platform that makes peer-driven learning the core of your corporate culture, and thereby raises employee development as well as onboarding, partner enablement, or sales enablement to a new level.

A new market, and a new vision for the future of learning

360Learning was founded in France in 2013 based on a simple idea: to develop an LMS that makes it fast and easy for L&D teams to create courses in collaboration with internal experts, and which embeds peer-driven learning in company DNA.

LMS platform for collaborative learning | 360Learning

Our CEO Nick Hernandez describes his vision:

“I believe today’s workforce is made of people who want to join an adventure. They want to join a team of people that will be their team. They want to learn with and from that team. It’s the exact opposite of top-down culture and skill planning you find in outdated LMS platforms: it’s about people learning together with their peers.”  

This vision became a product. The product became a success story. Today, 2,300 companies worldwide have thrown their outdated e-learning concepts overboard to develop a culture of collaborative learning with 360Learning. Among our customers we can count globally growing companies such as Toyota, Danone, LVMH and Aircall.

In 2021, 360Learning successfully raised $241 million to expand our vision for collaborative learning. With this backing, we can continue to offer peer-driven learning experiences that make it easy to leverage collective expertise. Whether it's specific functions or individual use cases, we pull out all the stops to ensure our LMS not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

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Today's employees want to join a team of people that will be their team. They want to learn with and from that team.
– Nick Hernandez, CEO 360Learning

Impactful, peer-driven learning in just 17 minutes

German companies spend considerable amounts of money on staff training. And yet, German businesses are still finding it tough to upskill employees, nurture talent, and keep pace with constantly changing market requirements.

We are convinced that the key to fast, continuous upskilling and effective employee retention is collaborative learning. That’s why our platform allows learners to build self-directed skills, create courses in as little as 17 minutes and share their knowledge with the entire organization. 

Thanks to the collaborative approach, courses on 360Learning receive an average relevance rating of 95% and offer exciting learning experiences that are always updated with the latest information. With 360Learning, employees become agents of their own development and develop a business mindset that contributes significantly to individual and organizational growth.

Benefits collaborative learning | 360Learning

Last but not least, self-directed learning reduces general training costs: Your employees determine their learning needs individually, access learning modules on the platform independently and learn in the flow of work. 

As L&D managers, we support you in documenting the effects of the platform with business-relevant KPIs. Because we are convinced that only peer-driven learning can win in tomorrow's competition for talent.

Ready to join the adventure?

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