Product Update: AI Enhancements, Endless Customization, and More, to Upskill from Within
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Product Update: AI Enhancements, Endless Customization, and More, to Upskill from Within

Welcome back to this little corner of the 360Learning blog!

In our ever-changing world, organizations are actively exploring innovative approaches to transform employee learning and skill development. Artificial intelligence stands out as a powerful tool, offering the potential to revolutionize the learning process, tailor experiences to individual needs, increase employee engagement, and streamline the work of L&D teams.

Our latest product enhancements encompass cutting-edge AI features, personalized options, and improved reporting, all aimed at boosting your productivity, unleashing your creative potential, and facilitating well-informed decision-making.

Join us as we delve into these fresh features that promise to optimize your 360Learning experience, ensuring you make the most of our platform.

Foster tailor-made learning through AI

Convert a PDF into a course with AI 

You have access to a ton of great resources to create courses from, but it can be monotonous to manually create a course from documentation. Now with our generative AI feature, you can upload a PDF into the course builder, and in two quick minutes, a course is fully created, ready for your review. AI-generated courses include text blocks, assessment questions, and images, so all you need to do is publish.

Ensure consistency and standards are met in expert created courses with prompt management

As the learning experts, admins can manage and guide course creation using prompts customized for DEI, compliance, culture and pedagogy. Set the tone and formality requirements of courses. Define course duration and structural requirements. Ensure compliance with respect to data security, confidentiality, labor protection, environmental laws, and more. Enable your course creating experts while maintaining control.

Provide personalized learning experiences

Slide into Personalized Learning

Provide personalized learning experiences

Online personalization makes leanring more immersive, emotionally engaging, and cognitively stimulating.

Following the launch of our dedicated Customization solution, we couldn’t be more excited to equip you with even more ways to design experiences unique to your learners’ needs.

Cue in: a brand new Page layout menu from which you will be able to show your learners exactly what they need to see by adding, hiding, or reorganizing entire sections of your group page. As with all of our capabilities around customization, you don’t need designer-level credentials to personalize your group page. Upload your resources, drag and drop modules to your heart’s content, and we’ll take care of the rest!

And that’s not all--get ready to slide into personalized learning by adding Carousels with custom slides, visuals, or even links to your website. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new sections (or “widgets”), available very soon.

[Page layouts and Carousels are available to all 360Learning customers through the customization of the root group. The Customization solution offers advanced configurations at group level].

Activate Learning Needs for groups

Enhance your organization's upskilling efforts with streamlined Learning Needs at the group level. Learning Needs now automatically activates for any manually created group or can easily be enabled via group settings by an Admin. Allow learners to declare their learning needs and easily identify experts to deliver the most requested training—without any of the guesswork. 

Scale your admin work

Schedule, analyze and track the statistics of your custom emails

You now have the ability to set up custom emails before you set your learning path live. Once you set a path live, custom emails will be scheduled as steps in your path to notify learners as they progress. When sending reminders or notification emails, you now have stats to track receipt, opens, clicks in an aggregated tableview. Assess how your custom emails impact completion of training and learner engagement in a new centralized report.

Create enrollment audiences based on certificate status

Your compliance chasing days are behind you! Certificate statuses include Valid, Expired, Not obtained, and Expires soon (30 days). You can now create a dynamic enrollment based on the status of a certificate. Re-enroll learners in compliance training when their certificate status is “Expires soon.” Nudge learners who have not obtained a certificate.

Enable or disable dynamic audience enrollment

Dynamic enrollment automatically enrolls learners when they meet the criteria designated for enrollment, such as assignment to a group, customer filter, certificate status, etc. However, as an administrator, you may need to make adjustments to groups or custom fields, or a learner may leave a group, and that could impact session enrollment. You have the ability to turn off or on dynamic enrollments to make managing workflows easier. Make administrative changes to groups, certificates, custom fields with dynamic enrollment is turned off  to ensure learners stay enrolled in the correct paths. Turn it back on when you’re ready for the system to automate enrollment once again.

Schedule a Slack message from a path

Sending email reminders to learners isn’t always the best way to get their attention. You can now schedule Slack messages from a path to encourage your learners in the flow of work!

Schedule a Slack message from a path

Reports and statistics keep getting better!

Improved visibility of active filters

In tableview reports and filterable pages (such as the course statistics page), quickly view, edit, and clear any filters applied to the report. 

Improved visibility of active filters

Introducing new paths certificate statistics

Without deadlines and alerts, managing certificates is a time-consuming task. You now have a designated table to see who is compliant with their certificates and who isn’t. Easily export certificates from the table, or remind learners who are late on completing a certificate, or if their certificate is about to expire. 

Updates to User Custom Fields

Currently all User Custom Fields (UCFs) must be strings (text), but over the next three quarters, we’ll be improving the functionality of UCFs for flexibility and agility with an improved admin view. Starting with dates, you can access a date selector when creating a UCF to assign dates to users (such as start dates). These UCF updates will improve reporting and allow for better automation of workflows. 

Fresh enhancements for your Paths

Download paths to play offline

Whether learners have an unstable internet connection or just simply need to be able to complete paths offline, now they can! Learners enrolled in a path and who use the mobile app now see a download icon. This icon enables them to download and access the course content for offline completion. 

Get the most out of our integrations

Introducing: 360Learning’s E-commerce Solution

We know how much time, effort, and thought (and let’s be honest, money!) goes into ensuring your training is the best it can be for your end users. Whether you want to purchase training on behalf of your customers or allow them to do it themselves, now you can with e-commerce through 360Learning powered by BigCommerce. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • B2B + B2C use cases
  • Public/private customizable storefront
  • User provisioning (or not)
  • Automatic provisioning from 360Learning
  • Credit assignment to learner (in currency)
  • Payment processors: Stripe * (out-of-the-box) and any other payment gateways available via custom development
  • Multi-currency
  • Coupons and discounts

We can get your storefront set up in no time. Reach out to your CSP for more information.

360Learning now integrates with Deel, Lucca, and Skills Base

Our latest connectors allow you to sync user data seamlessly between 360Learning and the platforms Deel, Lucca, and Skills Base, respectively. Here’s how the enhanced user provisioning connectors will simplify your experience:

  • User Identification / Reconciliation: User matching between the two systems is guaranteed.
  • Status Management: You can configure what data will drive the activation/deactivation of users in 360Learning.
  • User Standard Fields: Define which fields populate the 360Learning User Standard Fields.
  • User Custom Fields: Define which fields populate the 360Learning User Custom Fields.
  • Filtering: Define filters so only a part of your population is synchronized.
  • Group Assignment: Define rules so users are automatically assigned to groups in 360Learning.
  • Notifications: You are automatically notified if something goes wrong
  • Reporting: For the full synchronization, a detailed report is sent by email
  • Data Standardization: Transforms the data coming from Deel, Lucca, or Skills Base into something accepted by 360Learning

Learners can submit an RSVP to a classroom slot on mobile

We’ve implemented the ability to RSVP to a classroom slot directly from a learner’s mobile device. Learners can now see the option to confirm/deny their attendance to a path/program session. If the learner responds yes, they will automatically receive email reminders for the slot they are attending.

Learners can submit an RSVP to a classroom slot on mobile

Microsoft Teams integration enhancements

Now, any learners using Microsoft Teams can receive notifications directly in Teams when they are assigned to a path or program session in 360Learning. This means fewer missed trainings and more learning in the flow of your existing workflow! 

Find out how to simply enable this integration by clicking here.

Automated attendance tracking is now available for Zoom and Teams webinars

Say goodbye to manually tracking who attended your Zoom or Teams webinars! Now, any admins, path instructors, or trainers will have the option to click the ‘sync attendance’ button in their classrooms. The attendance data from Zoom and Teams will then surface directly within 360Learning and you’ll know exactly who attended your webinar, and for how long. 

More exciting updates to come…

That’s a wrap on the list of all the great new ways to upskill from within. We’re already working on our next set of updates! 

If you’d like more information on any of these updates and what they can bring to you, head over to our product release notes

We’ll be in touch with even more exciting developments very soon! 

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