Product Update: AI-Powered Training Recommendations, Mobile Dashboard, and More Collaborative Learning Features
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Product Update: AI-Powered Training Recommendations, Mobile Dashboard, and More Collaborative Learning Features

Hello and welcome back to this little corner of the 360Learning blog! We couldn’t be more excited to share with you what we’ve been working on behind the scenes to help you upskill from within and equip your teams for the next business challenge.

Let’s dive in!

Nimbly upskill your teams

Every day your business faces new competitors, talent shortages, customer demands, and upskilling needs. You just can’t afford to lose time with clunky course authoring workflows.

At 360Learning, we’re all about improving the authoring experience so you can deliver the courses your teams need to perform.

Improved internal collaboration

Delivering impactful training programs is a team sport. You need to tap into your organization’s internal expertise to create courses that will resonate with your learners’ needs. And the proof is in the pudding: our research shows that courses that had internal collaboration during the creation process are declared 2 times as useful by learners. 

We’ve been doubling down on the ways we can improve internal collaboration throughout the authoring process. Cue in: a sleeker, more intuitive design for internal comments that’s easily scannable for busy L&D professionals just like you. We’re also making it easier to find a highlighted comment immediately, say when you’re accessing it from the feedback inbox.

redesigned internal comments
Scan internal comments at a glance.

Deliver a top-notch user experience

A good user experience is key to keeping your learners engaged, your authors collaborating and creating courses, and your L&D team performing tasks effortlessly. 

Introducing: a new navigation, and a new “recommended for you” section 

New navigation

We’ve introduced several exciting updates to improve the way learners, authors, and admins interact with our platform: 

  • Revamped top menu bar: The top menu bar now includes quick access to search, a create button (create a course, user, program, etc.), and notifications.
  • Breadcrumb navigation: Breadcrumb links have been added to the top of group homepages for easier visibility to group hierarchy and quicker navigation between groups.
  • Collapsible side panel: The right side panel is now collapsible to expand the main workspace.
new navigation
The top menu bar now includes quick access to search, a create button, and notifications.

New AI-powered training recommendations

Artificial Intelligence is arguably one of the hottest topics in the eLearning space today. And why shouldn’t it be? AI can help provide a more delightful and personalized experience to every learner based on their behaviors. That’s why we are excited to announce our new AI-powered ‘Recommended for you’ section on the homepage. The algorithm will suggest courses and programs that are uniquely relevant to each learner and based on prior trainings.

AI-powered training recommendations
Our machine learning algorithm will suggest relevant courses and programs based on prior trainings.

Empower managers on the field 

If you’re training frontline teams, you need more than just an app. Beyond the consumer-grade experience of our mobile app for your learners, Mobile Advanced puts more into the hands of field managers and local trainers:  with the new mobile dashboard, field managers can now monitor the team’s progression and send training reminders directly from the app. 

Save HR admin time

We know from our survey of over 600 US employees that L&D serves a vital role in employee satisfaction and retention. When we asked, “How important are learning and training opportunities to your overall satisfaction with your job?” The median answer was 84 out of 100.

With that understanding, the first step to driving that L&D engagement is to first make it easy for HR teams and people leaders to use our LMS. That’s why we’re thrilled to share some exciting new product enhancements, built exclusively with HR teams in mind. 

Introducing: a new user provisioning connector, and LinkedIn Learning connector updates

New User Provisioning connector

Companies today experience a near constant stream of new hires, departures, promotions, and reorganizations. At 360Learning, we believe that those personnel changes should be a cause for celebration—not an administrative burden for HR teams.

That’s why we developed the user provisioning connector, which seamlessly syncs employee data from virtually any HRIS platform with 360Learning’s LMS. This turnkey integration eliminates the need for double entry, reducing the risk of human error and saving HR teams valuable time. And since no two organizations are the same, the integration provides maximal flexibility to meet your existing HR infrastructure—all without requiring any custom development or IT setup. With support for users, labels, custom fields, and more, you choose what to sync and we’ll do the rest.

LinkedIn Learning connector: retrieve progress in real time

Through our integration with LinkedIn Learning, our customers can already access over 16,000 high-quality courses from LinkedIn within the 360Learning platform. Those courses can then be mixed and matched with your first-party content, resulting in powerful and flexible new possibilities to create high-impact courses for your team.

That's why we're excited to share that we've made the integration even more powerful, allowing you to see real-time progress reports for LinkedIn Learning content within our platform. This makes it easier to see who is on track, who has completed the course, and who may need a little nudge.

LinkedIn connector
Track user progress more easily with our updated Linkedin Learning connector.

Take content creation to new heights with the 360Learning Champion Solution

Are you ready to make your internal experts shine? 

360Learning’s Champion Solution helps fast-growing organizations scale their learning programs by unlocking the power of internal experts. Teams can easily share learning needs, volunteer as experts, and launch learning content faster with a dynamic project tool.

Introducing: easy Learning Needs declaration, and a new training projects creation funnel

Learners declare Learning Needs from the homepage

Collecting Learning Needs on a continuous basis keeps you in sync with what training your learners require to be successful. So why not meet your learners where they are? Learners can create a Learning Need directly from their homepage within the Learning Need section.

New training project creation funnel

Getting a new training project off the ground should be a painless process. That’s why we’ve improved the creation flow so that you can kick off your projects at record speed. Now, you’ll be guided through four simple steps to launch your project: choose a template (or start from scratch), add project information, add project members, and last, but not least, review a summary and proceed to launch!

new training project creation funnel
Say hello to a creation funnel that guides you through your project’s main steps.

Don’t go anywhere! We’re already working on the next updates

That’s a wrap on the list of all the great new ways to achieve collaborative learning within your organization. Psst: we’re already working on our next set of updates! 

If you’d like more information on any of these updates and what they can bring to you, head over to our product release notes

We’ll be back in touch with even more exciting developments very soon! 

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