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Drive Better Learner Engagement with our New Manager Dashboard

The last two years have brought about tectonic shifts in the way that we work, live, and learn. In working to understand and reconcile those transformations, people managers face fresh challenges driving L&D within their teams. 

In a recent survey of over 600 L&D professionals in the US, 19% of respondents rated boosting learner engagement and completion rates as their top challenge - second only to moving training sessions from in-person to online during the pandemic.

L&D challenges

We know from talking to our customers that learners are much more likely to engage with their L&D courses if those courses are introduced to them from their manager than from another source, such as a company-wide email. In fact, we’ve seen a 40% increase in learner engagement when learning content is presented to them by their manager or L&D coach.

So if our goal is to drive adoption from learners, one way to do that is to first make it easier for managers to drive that engagement. In this post, we’ll show you how our manager dashboard streamlines this whole experience.

Learner engagement shouldn’t be hard

The solution is a dedicated dashboard just for people managers that centralizes L&D performance data for their teams. Managers gain a centralized view of their team’s performance and completion data, broken out by course, learner, or team.

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Manager dashboard is much more than an analytics hub. It also enables managers to:

  • Send automatic reminders to learners who are behind
  • Congratulate learners who have completed courses and received high scores 
  • See how individual courses are performing compared to each other
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Email reports make performance management easier 

Centralizing your team’s L&D performance data into a single dashboard is a huge workflow enhancement for people managers, but we wondered: could we do even more to make it easier? What if we could eliminate the need for managers to log in at all, and instead automatically bring the insights right to them? 

That’s why we created an automated weekly email report that shows top level L&D insights for teams or learners. The email report is more than just data, it also contains actionable CTA links that allow managers to automatically send reminder emails to learners straight from the email.

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Dashboards simplify the L&D journey

Manager Dashboard is the latest addition to 360Learning’s suite of dashboards designed to make our customers’ lives easier, joining these other great tools:

  • Course dashboard: Track performance across your entire learning catalog
  • Classroom dashboard: Monitor and optimize attendance rates for instructor-led training sessions
  • Custom report dashboard: Filter and export the data you need to build custom analysis that matches any business need

Taken collectively, these comprise a powerful suite of analytics and insights tools that enable managers and L&D teams to easily shepherd every learner’s journey from start to finish. Best of all, all of the dashboards are a native part of our core learning platform and are available to all 360Learning customers today at no additional cost, making it easy for managers to simplify their workflow and to put the focus back where it belongs: on collaborative learning.

Want to know more about the 360Learning platform and manager dashboard? Talk to a member of our team today.

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