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Your learners

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  • Web Formats

  • Evaluation

  • Data Analytics

  • Engage Trainers

Web Formats

Create interactive courses online and access them later, they’re mobile.

The 360Learning platform is compatible with all media and web formats.

Reuse your existing resources and leverage the best content available on the web. Discover our numerous innovative formats to rapidly create your own interactive content.


Create different types of evaluations: closed questions or open questions corrected by trainers.

You can also create: brainstorming sessions, collaborative activities, business goals to be achieved and exams.

Data Analytics

View learning data globally or at a granular level, based on your needs.

Leverage your data to improve your courses.

Engage Trainers

Advanced tools for your experts and trainers.

Continuous Improvement: learning-based data is used to generate specific suggestions for improving courses.

A lasting dialogue is established with the community, they receive push notifications on their mobile devices.

Why choose us?

Comparison of the 360Learning solution

Traditional Elearning
Impacting your corporate culture
Loss of motivation
Smart Human Interactions in courses
Offline training on mobile
Set-up costs
Over 20,000 $
Ongoing indivual support
Getting started
Few days
Several months
Cost of new online course
Free by creating them yourself
Service provider to pay
Time for creating / rolling out an online course
A few hours
2 - 6 months
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Mobile Learning
How to leverage mobile learning for your training strategies
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