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Product Update: Salesforce App, Manager-Powered Evaluations, and Other Collaborative Learning Support

At 360Learning, we’re always looking for better ways to help you deliver learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of your teams and directly aligned with your business goals. That’s what Collaborative Learning means to us. 

Now, we’re back with exciting new product updates to help you tailor the learning experience, offer better training support for your sales teams, improve the evaluations process, and align your training projects with business needs.

Let’s get started.

Tailor the learning experience

Reaching learners in the flow of work is key to ensuring training impact. But how do you provide a training experience that reaches learners where they are without distracting them from completing key tasks, for example, when your sales reps are busy closing deals?

Introducing new sales training features and push notifications for users and group mentions. 

360Learning app for Salesforce

Fact: 100% of sales reps spend more time in the CRM than in their learning platform. You can ensure greater training impact by meeting your sales team where they are with just-in-time training. 

This is where our new 360Learning app for Salesforce comes in. The widget recommends relevant training items from the 360Learning catalog based on the ‘main competitor’ field on the Salesforce Opportunity to give sales the edge they need to win the deal. 

Highlight the best pitches

Why would you keep the best sales pitches to yourself? With our Sales Enablement Solution,  you can assess a video pitch once and use it as a training resource to help your reps anytime. 

Evaluators are now prompted to share video pitches or screen recordings with an average score of 4.5/5 with the team via the coaching interface. You can share it in a course or in the newsfeed, giving you the flexibility you need.

Product Update Pitches

Push notifications for mentions

Did you know that using push notifications can increase engagement up to 80%? Now, imagine what could happen if you combined push notifications with the power of Collaborative Learning

That’s why we’ve made it easy to use push notifications related to user and group mentions in the forum, and deliver these straight to your learners’ device. Here’s to reaching more learners and unleashing collective intelligence! 

Align training projects with business needs

Time is of the essence when bringing L&D projects to life. We’re here to help you save time, whether you’re aligning stakeholders, moving the project forward, or making sure you’re delivering projects consistent with your business needs. 

As part of our Enterprise Plan, we’ve released new features to make it even easier to organize, collaborate, and deliver new training at the speed of business. 

Now, you can sort options for Learning Needs and reorganize project tasks on the go. 

Sorting options for Learning Needs

As much as you’d like to address all of your learners’ needs at once, there’s only so much you can do in a day. To help you prioritize your work, you can now sort through Learning Needs by relevance, date, and the number of upvotes/comments. 

Product Update Sorting Learning Needs

Reorganizing project tasks on the go

We all know that A LOT can happen between scoping out your training project and executing on it. You need a workspace that makes it easy to assign the work, but also gives you flexibility to adjust down the road. Ditch the last-minutes emails: you can now edit and reorder project steps as the project evolves.

Distribute ownership at the right level of the organization 

Finally, this release recap wouldn’t be complete without an overview of all the new ways you can save time and admin work by empowering every level of your company to take part in building a learning organization–including avoiding the headache of manually collecting feedback. 

Introducing author permissions for Paths, manager-powered evaluations, and internal comments for translators. 

Author permissions for Paths

Centralized L&D teams don’t always have their finger on the pulse of local teams. They need someone with boots on the ground who can come up with a solution when learning needs arise. That is why group authors (and admins!) can now create and edit learning Paths. 

Manager-powered evaluations

There’s no way around it: managers know their teams best. That is why we’ve added the ability for them to be evaluators on courses with open-ended questions. If you are already using our Sales Enablement solution, you’ll also be able to add managers as evaluators for video pitches and screen recording questions. 

When you add managers as evaluators, a pending evaluation notification will go directly to the manager’s inbox for their response. This way, you can save session instructors and admins a lot of time, freeing them up to focus on creating greater impact. 

Product Update Manager Evaluations

Translators can now use internal comments

Crafting compelling courses is all about speaking your learners’ language. We’re talking about going the extra mile with details like acronyms and cultural references that can make or break your training. 

With our Globalization Solution, translators can now exchange feedback directly with the admin team using internal comments. These comments are only visible to the authoring team, empowering translators to ensure a translated course is 100% relevant without distracting learners with the behind-the-scenes back and forth.

We’re already working on our next updates

So, that’s the list of all the great new ways to make Collaborative Learning a reality. But don’t worry–we’re already working on our next set of updates! 

If you’d like more information on any of these updates and what they mean for you, you can learn about everything we released in our product release notes

Don’t go anywhere–we’ll be back in touch with even more exciting developments soon.

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