Product Update: Manager Dashboard Updates, Audit-Proof Attendance Data, and More Collaborative Learning Features
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Product Update: Manager Dashboard Updates, Audit-Proof Attendance Data, and More Collaborative Learning Features

Hello and welcome back to this little corner of the 360Learning blog! We are so happy to share with you what we’ve been working on behind the scenes to help you upskill from within with the power of collaborative learning.

Without further ado, let’s do it!

Deliver a top-notch learner experience

Welcome tours for new users

To make a new user's experience a little more delightful, we've added onboarding tours to our platform. Anytime a new user is created and logs in for the first time, they'll receive a quick tour of your learning tool based on the role they've been given. As an example, authors will be given a quick tour of the authoring tool with a guide through course creation.

Pin a message

The newsfeed was built to facilitate communication and collaboration between learners, coaches, and admins. But, sometimes key messages can get lost in the mix. Admins, authors, and coaches can now pin a message to the top of a group's newsfeed so no one misses an important announcement.

pinned messages
You can now pin important messages to the top of a group's newsfeed.

Endless customization possibilities with external links 

We’ve added some more customization into our platform to help you provide quick links to important information right within each user’s side panel. Through 360Learning’s API, you can add an unlimited amount of custom links with icons. The possibilities are endless—ink to your website, internal HR tool, Salesforce, or internal documentation/resources. Provide a unique experience by defining which users see which icons/links.

Mobile app: Game on!

Encourage healthy competition between learners with fast and fun Challenges from their mobile app. Motivate learners to think on their feet and complete Challenges quickly to get a higher rating! Answering correctly matters, but how fast learners answer gets them bonus points.

  • You can create Challenges from the mobile app, in 3 simple steps.
  • Challenges are based on groups and can be created for any of the available courses from the group’s catalog.
  • Learners are notified on their app when a new Challenge is available.
  • Once the Challenge is completed, learners can consult the ranking and what the correct answers are.
  • Available on iOS and Android
challenges mode
Encourage healthy competition between learners with fast and fun Challenges from their mobile app.

Automate L&D admin work

Manager Dashboard updates

Managing L&D engagement and progress by team is easier than ever with 360Learning. With the latest enhancements to our Manager Dashboard, managers can view the performance of their direct reports and their direct reports' teams. Performance metrics, like participation and completion rates, enrolled training and scores, can be viewed in aggregate by team or by individual user.

Top-level managers love this additional level of insight to view performance by team. When you view team-by-team metrics, you can see which teams are excelling, which need improvement and if your trainings are hitting the mark.

Admins and coaches can see the manager dashboard of their group managers 

Overseeing the performance and learning outcomes of your extended team is a logistical challenge because you need insights at each management level. You want your platform to be set up with the proper hierarchy, but it's time-consuming following up with managers to check in on their team's performance.

Now you can view which users are managers and how many direct reports they have in the users table view. And with one click, you can surface the new admin view which provides you access to the Manager Dashboard of that user's team. This will give platform admins, group admins and coaches more oversight of each team's participation and performance.

manager dashboard updates
With one click, you can surface the new Admin view which provides you access to the Manager Dashboard of that user's team.

New role: user administrator 

As a platform or group admin, managing users across groups can be burdensome, time-consuming, and let's admit: sometimes it's just a real pain. That's why we are excited to introduce a new role: user administrator. Assign a user admin role in any group to give them the ability to manage users—without other admin permissions they don't need. Our V1 of the role allows User Admins to:

  • Invite learners to their group (by email).
  • Set up learners in their group (by creating their accounts for them).
  • Add existing users as learners to their group.
  • Delete users from their group.
  • Validate invitations sent by coaches.
  • Resend or cancel pending invitations.
  • Share self-registration links/codes.
  • Assign managers (through the import).

Extended Enterprise: Self-registration updates

Self-registering learners is easy in 360Learning, but you need more efficiency when sending an invite. And if you're one of multiple admins using the platform, maintaining a consistent invite message to your learners is key. Enter 360Learning's pre-formatted message to invite new users.

Now you can draft a pre-formatted message within the platform to invite new users. With one click you can copy the message and registration link to an email or any other channels you use to invite your learners. This will help you keep your message consistent to your learners and also avoid formatting issues that arise from copy and pasting email to email. 

Improve your flow of work 

Personio integration

Personio is a leading all-in-one HR software for small and medium enterprise customers in EMEA (especially Germany), offering digitized and automated processes, seamless integrations, and data-driven insights. Their solution itself includes HR management, recruiting, payroll and development while supporting all other core HR processes.

360Learning has partnered with Personio to streamline and automate the synchronization of employee data between our platforms, eliminating the need for double entry and saving valuable time for HR and L&D teams. The integration also ensures that all changes to employees within Personio—such as new hires, departures, or reorganizations— are automatically reflected in 360Learning, creating a seamless experience for learners and administrators alike.

Personio integgration

Microsoft Teams integration

Nothing boosts learner engagement like integrating their 360Learning journey into their existing flow of work. That’s why 360Learning has built a robust new integration with Microsoft Teams that enables numerous enhancements for both learners and course instructors.

Learners can now receive in-app notifications for updates to their 360Learning journey right within their Microsoft Teams dashboard. From new course assignments to reminders, these reminders more closely integrate an employee’s L&D journey within their existing workflow, making it easier than ever for them to never miss a course.

The integration also enables course instructors and administrators to schedule and create live Teams webinars right within the 360Learning platform, and to build those webinars into existing learning paths and courses. Taken collectively, these are exciting updates that have the power to improve learning in the flow of work and boost engagement for both administrators and learners.

Live training: exciting improvements to Classroom attendance management (Psst, the audit-proof attendance data is here)

Attendance validation page on the Core platform is now easier to navigate. 

You can now see all registered learners in a super clear table view. The ‘Fill Attendance’ CTA allows you to fill attendance in a batch. And you can adjust individual attendance manually as needed. 

In addition to the improvements to attendance validation, users of the Live solution can now navigate from the Classroom dashboard to a dedicated check-in page to manage learner check-in.

Important: The check-in now boasts a legally valid e-signature and is fully audit proof. This means learner check-in data will include individual learners’ login details and IP address as well as a timestamp.

The check-in rules are now more flexible: when check-in is closed, any learners who missed the open check-in window are considered absent. For any learners who did not check in but are actually present, the trainer has the option to re-open the check-in, mark those learners as present and allow them to check in. This makes their check-in legally valid.

Note: Attendance can be adjusted manually by the L&D team or the trainer. Yet learner check-in data cannot be adjusted manually, as it will carry the individual check-in data for each learner.

Certificates and open-ended questions now available in Paths!


Learners can attest to learning path completion with a digital certificate highlighting newly acquired skills. Once a Path is completed, they can download the certificate as a PDF from the Path homepage or their profile page. Learners can see whether a Path comes with a certificate or not from the Path homepage and in mini-views.

Authors and admins can now create certificates from the dashboard or directly from the Path interface. Certificates can then be added to any Path. And the certificate stats are accessible on the Path & Certificate dashboards and are also available as CSV downloads.

Important: The automated certificate expiry alerts will be a game-changer for anyone doing compliance training: when a certificate is created, there is now the option to set a validity period. When the option is checked, the coaches are notified via email when the certificate expires. 

Authors and admins now have access to specific stats about a certificate: when clicking on a certificate, they can see all learners who have earned it. From this view, they have the option to either batch download all earned certificates in PDF format, or export the learners’ list.

path certificates
Attest to learning path completion with a digital certificate highlighting newly acquired skills.

Open-ended questions

New look, same workflow you are familiar with from Programs. Learners enrolled on Paths can now reply to open-ended questions (open question, video pitch or screencast demo) in courses. Instructors/managers are notified via email when a learner replies to an open-ended question, and can correct the answer. Learners receive an email notification containing the review by instructor/manager.

Take training projects to new heights with the Champion Solution

Project step & task deadlines

When it comes to launching a new training, there are lots of moving pieces, from organizing stakeholders, to ensuring the project is delivered on time. To give even more clarity to your training projects, we’ve added deadlines for each course in a project, and for each individual task/activity.  

Add existing courses to a project

We’re improving access to resources in the projects feature—admins can now access and review existing courses from within their projects. When you create a project, you’ll have the option to add an existing course, as well as create a new course, import files, and add objects to your project. As part of the project, existing courses can have reviewers assigned to them to ensure accuracy and relevancy. 

Don’t go anywhere! We’re already working on the next updates

That’s a wrap on the list of all the great new ways to achieve collaborative learning within your organization. We’re already working on our next set of updates! 

If you’d like more information on any of these updates and what they can bring to you, head over to our product release notes

We’ll be back in touch with even more exciting developments very soon! 

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