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L&D Unlocked: Boost Learner Engagement with Advanced Workflow Integrations

360Learning recently conducted a survey of over 2,900 learners and L&D leaders across the globe, and one fact became clear: learners wish that their courses were easier to access.

87% of learners in the US would more likely to engage with learning at work if courses were easier to access than they are today. The percentage decreases slightly in France, the UK, and Germany by 84%, 83%, and 79%, respectively.

Such resounding results indicate that learners want L&D to be more accessible, and that making it so has the power to boost learner engagement.

Meeting learners where they are

Learners need help when and where they are working; pausing a task to open their LMS and manually browse for courses that might aid them in that task is inefficient and burdensome. By bringing learning into their existing flow of work, learners are poised for greater success.

As we interrogated the most common pain points for learners, some key themes emerged.


So we wondered: what if we could eliminate the need for learners to pause what they’re doing to find and access the courses they need? Could we create a more integrated learning experience that automatically brings relevant courses and communications to learners where they are already working?

The answer: best-in-class integrations that bring learning into the flow of work.

Auto-suggested courses

Pausing a task to open the LMS and manually locate a course is inefficient and burdensome, especially when you’re on a roll. Instead, learners can automatically receive suggestions of relevant courses when they’re working in Salesforce or Google Chrome.


An embedded LMS 

Leaving your primary workflow tool to open the LMS is a barrier to learning. With dedicated 360Learning tabs in Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, learners can access our entire LMS for collaborative learning within their existing workflow without ever having to leave the app.


Shared notifications

Fragmented notifications can lead to missed updates and lower engagement. With synced group notifications from 360Learning to world class collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, learners receive key updates within their workflow.


Creating a more integrated experience

Taken collectively, these integrations create a more integrated learning experience that has the power to transform your L&D and help your learners to thrive.

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