Introducing SkillsGPT by 360Learning
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Introducing SkillsGPT: Let AI Build your Skills Library in Minutes

At 360Learning, we know that the opportunities for AI to support HR and L&D professionals are immense, especially when it comes to skills-based learning.

So, when OpenAI launched the GPT Store - an online library of GPTs tailored to specific tasks - we knew we had something very valuable to share with the L&D community: our AI-powered SkillsGPT.

This technology is already powering our Skills offering on 360Learning; but now, we have the chance to share these capabilities with ChatGPT Plus subscribers who want to lay the groundwork for a skills-based learning approach at their organization.

Try out SkillsGPT by 360Learning in the GPT Store now with ChatGPT Plus

What does SkillsGPT do?

If you’ve dabbled in building a skills-based learning approach in the past few years, you know that, without the help of AI, it’s an excruciatingly manual process: identifying and listing job positions, filling out the required skills on Excel sheets, then updating these lists as soon as they become obsolete…it’s a task worthy of Sisyphus, and frankly, it wasn’t working for the L&D world.

Then, AI entered the scene, and all of a sudden, technology can handle the bulk of this meticulous work.

This is exactly what SkillsGPT by 360Learning can take care of for you:

  • Generate a list of jobs within your organization
  • For each of these jobs, generate the list of skills required to perform in them
  • For each of these skills, build a proficiency grid 
  • For each of these skills, identify the criticality level for your business 

For each of these steps, you can then configure the corresponding level of granularity (e.g., number of skills, number of proficiency levels, etc).

Who is SkillsGPT by 360Learning for?

Anyone (CHROs, L&D professionals) looking to start or perfect a skills-based learning approach at their organization. For now, you’ll also need a ChatGPT Plus subscription. But if you just want to take a peek at the technology powering the chatbot, you can always get a free demo of our Skills offering by 360Learning, here.

"A program like SkillsGPT is a game changer in the development cycle of skills-based learning because it significantly reduces the initial complexity of what you are trying to build." Brandon Caldwell, Director of People and Culture at 365 Retail Markets

How does it work?

Chatbots need data to function. For SkillsGPT, we used data from LinkedIn’s very own job ontologies (30,000 skills!), as well as 360Learning proprietary skills and job data. 

Like any chatbot, the SkillsGPT works based on prompts. We’ve listed a few to help you get started, so that SkillsGPT will know enough about your company and skills-based learning approach to build out your skills ontology for you. 

The first step is to tell SkillsGPT your company name. Then, SkillsGPT will ask you for a few specifications, at which point you’ll be able to guide the bot with some options. And that’s it! 

Try out SkillsGPT by 360Learning in the GPT Store now with ChatGPT Plus

PS: Want to see just how easy it is to use--and how fast it can help you build your skills ontology? Watch our CLO David James take SkillsGPT for a spin. Click below to preview SkillsGPT in action, even if you don’t have a ChatGPT Plus subscription👇🏼

Is the SkillsGPT part of the 360Learning Platform?

Yes and no! The SkillsGPT that’s available on OpenAI’s GPT Store is the same technology powering our Skills offering on the 360Learning platform. But on the GPT Store, you’ll need a paid ChatGPT Plus subscription, although you don’t have to be a 360Learning customer: SkillsGPT will flesh out your skills ontology all the same, based on your prompts.

Of course, a solid skills ontology is only the first step towards building out a full skills-based learning strategy. You’ll want to be supported by a platform that can help you then identify important skills gaps, and close them with the right content. For that, 360Learning would be happy to help.

So, if skills-based learning is on your mind, take our SkillsGPT for a spin and let us know what you think - we’re betting it will open up a whole new world of learning possibilities for you.

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