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The Training Platform

of the Digital Age

The Training Platform of the Digital Age

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Trainers & Experts

Quickly become digital specialists

Web Formats
360Learning is a platform compatible with all media and web formats. Reuse your existing resources and leverage the best content available online. Discover our numerous innovative formats to quickly produce your own interactive content.
Create different types of evaluations: closed questions or open questions corrected by trainers. You can also create: brainstorming sessions, collaborative activities, business goals to be achieved and exams.
Reward System
Your community reviews experts; reviews are highlighted to encourage participation. Easily identify trainers that publish and animate the best courses. For each skill, the most active, responsive and quality experts are visible in a gamified ranking system.
Engage Trainers
Advanced tools for your experts and trainers. Continuous Improvement: learning-based data is used to generate specific suggestions for improving courses. A lasting dialogue is established with the community, they receive push notifications on their mobile devices.


They are involved in your online course on a daily basis

Increase engagement rates. Thanks to our gamification methods inspired by popular web practices.
Create and animate different groups: by theme, arrival date or class. Get detailed analysis on each of these communities.
Collaborative and innovative activities for your courses. Learning is about human interaction! Put it at the center of your training strategy….or deactivate various options when you think it’s not the optimal strategy.
All features are mobile-friendly!

Effectively Market your Teaching

Work like a Marketing Professional

A/B Testing
Discover the power of A/B learning tests. Similar to what startups do on the Internet: compare results of different versions of an educational activity. Data-driven iteration, even for training.
Funnel Analysis
At-a-glance visualization of what step in the learning process generates abandonment, dissatisfaction or lower scores. Leverage this data to improve your courses!
Automate your courses and create a global design for your training strategy. Prerequisites, minimum or maximum time allowances, achievement thresholds, skill acquisition, new activities to be unlocked at a future date, automatically send new courses based on results obtained.
Detection System
Use crowdsourcing to detect your learners’ needs, find the best expert or trainer to meet those needs and monitor the deployment process. All with minimal effort!
Use a powerful recommendation algorithm to boost participation rates or increase interest for courses that you deem to be a priority. Quickly and effectively monitor skill acquisition.

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360Learning is an LMS powered by modern design and values social interactions between trainers and learners.