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Migrating to 360Learning: How Mangopay Creates a Culture of Collaborative Learning


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Established in 2013, Mangopay has rapidly become a leading payment solution for platforms and marketplaces worldwide. Over the last decade, their commitment to providing a robust, secure, and cutting-edge payment engine has empowered clients to accelerate growth and maintain a sharp focus on revenue generation.

With over 450 employees working in offices across Europe, Mangopay aims to create a culture of collaborative learning so that their teams can grow and thrive together and ensure they continuously develop and retain their employees.

The team

Pierre Lion | Mangopay
Pierre Lion
Chief Growth Officer
Marie Lefebvre | Mangopay
Marie Lefebvre
Head of HR Business & Development
Michal Jedraszak | Mangopay
Michal Jedraszak
Chief of Staff
Catalina Balan | Mangopay
Catalina Balan
Learning Partner
Veedu Udhin | Mangopay
Veedu Udhin
Sales Enablement Specialist


In 2021, Mangopay implemented Looop to consolidate their learning tools for compliance training and onboarding within the organization into one single platform. With Looop’s smart automation, reporting and campaign capabilities, they were able to streamline their training programs in a way they weren’t able to before.

As their business has evolved, a new challenge they faced was effectively upskilling and reskilling their workforce at scale. In their fast-paced work environment, knowledge transfer needed to happen at top speed so people could learn the skills needed for their new and future roles.

Because of this, the team’s biggest objective was to close these skills gaps and supercharge their L&D strategy with the help of internal subject-matter experts. They needed to decentralize training and content processes to be able to support and empower their global workforce in meeting the growing demands of the current market.

As Learning Partner Catalina Balan explains:

"With an increased need to scale knowledge-sharing at pace, we needed a learning platform that would enable experts to become authors and co-authors"

Mangopay also needed a solution that would allow them to create specific learning groups for each department, simplifying the process of managing learning content. This all meant that Mangopay was in the market for a do-it-all learning solution powered by collaborative learning.


Maximizing workforce potential with SME-led collaborative learning 

In early 2022, collaborative learning pioneer 360Learning acquired Looop, which inspired Mangopay to migrate from one LMS platform to the other.

Understandably, Mangopay’s L&D team was initially apprehensive about what the acquisition could mean for their organization. “Let’s be honest—even when you know a change is going to be good, there’s always a bit of uncertainty in the mix,” admits Catalina.

But migrating to 360Learning was a monumental success for the organization, and it also preserved the valuable human connection and great customer support they were used to with Looop.

“Moving to 360Learning was the perfect strategic move for us because it enabled us to decentralize learning,”recounts Catalina, “Now, every employee can take charge of their learning journey and become owners of their development.”

Here’s more on how 360Learning has transformed Mangopay’s learning & development processes and driven even better training outcomes for their globally spread workforce.

A seamless migration from Looop to 360Learning

“We have combined two great platforms and the result is an improved experience for both Looop and 360Learning customers", says Mike Collins, Head of Customer Success at Looop by 360Learning.

During the migration process, 360Learning and Mangopay had regular check-in meetings to ensure everything was on track. Mangopay’s L&D team set up a dedicated Migration group on 360Learning, where they used the forum feature to have real-time discussions around the content migration and launch initiatives. 

Via the acquisition, 360Learning kept Looop’s historical statistics in the system so they were accessible right from launch, which enabled Mangopay to accurately track their completion rates with no missing history from a legal and compliance standpoint.

Mangopay also used the migration to 360Learning as an opportunity to review and revamp their L&D strategy by leveraging the platform's additional features. 

They rolled out learning groups tailored to each department, assigned authors and group admins, and implemented a process for submitting internal learning needs.

The introduction of 360Learning's groups and roles gave managers greater visibility over day-to-day team learning, as well as better control of L&D admin and permissions. 

This helped standardize L&D operations and solidified a culture of collaborative learning within Mangopay’s organization.

An expanded range of advanced L&D features that create tailored learning experiences

As Catalina explains, “I saw first hand all the interactive tools and possible integrations you can have with 360Learning. The ability to integrate those tools has proven to be a game-changer and our learning experiences are way more exciting and effective now.”

Catalina now coaches SMEs on the 360Learning platform so that they can create courses by themselves which can then be incorporated into different paths and used by different teams. 

For example, Mangopay has improved their onboarding experience by using 360Learning to develop general and role-based onboarding paths.

From the moment new joiners step into the organization, they can actively engage with the onboarding courses by sharing their reactions, adding comments in the discussion forum, and suggesting improvements to the content. This interactive approach has created a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, where everyone's input is valued. 

To support their course authors even further, Mangopay has put in place ‘’360Learning power hours’’ to allow SMEs to dedicate time to creating engaging courses on different topics.

Sales Enablement Specialist Veedu, co-authors courses for sales reps to enhance their performance so they can sell more efficiently and effectively. She creates great learning experiences through quizzes, interactive content, and knowledge which fosters engagement and comprehension.

“With 360Learning, I can create great learning experiences through quizzes, interactive content, and knowledge which fosters engagement and comprehension.” - Veedu Udhin, Sales Enablement Specialist

On what she likes most about using 360Learning, “The quiz-building feature stands out as one of my favorite aspects of 360Learning. Quizzes are so much more engaging and the valuable feedback it provides through the Reactions feature is really impressive.”

With 360Learning’s user-friendly face and intuitive authoring tool, Veedu is also able to expedite the content creation process massively.


A stronger learning culture supported by stellar onboarding experiences and continuous employee development

“360Learning allows us to provide a consistent and standardized onboarding experience for all our employees, as well as improving ramp up time in their new role,” says Catalina. 

Using 360Learning, Mangopay not only empowers new and existing employees to step into new roles and learn new skills, but to also become true partners in the learning process. Every employee can express their learning needs in real-time, and subject-matter experts can autonomously use the authoring tool to create hyper-relevant training in minutes.

It’s easier than ever for their new hires to ask questions and get answers via direct discussions with course authors, all within the platform's interactive forum. By leveraging a collaborative learning platform that prioritizes remote and asynchronous training, Mangopay has achieved:

99% positive relevance score on their training courses

• A successful revamp of their L&D strategy thanks to a seamless migration from Looop to 360Learning

28 Authors now supporting with content creation and scaling learning initiatives

• A more engaged and adaptable workforce that can quickly reskill and upskill for changing business priorities

The future

Mangopay plans to continue streamlining their learning and development strategy across the organization, which includes building a product bootcamp in the near future. 

The goal is to increase organizational alignment by bringing internal product experts together to share their knowledge so that all employees–no matter their domain of expertise–will have some level of product knowledge.

To take their upskilling strategy to the next level, Mangopay also plans to explore the 360Learning Coaching Solution to further encourage institutional knowledge sharing and peer-driven learning within their growing organization.