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People Management, Modernized: 360Learning Partners with Hibob to Drive Greater Retention and Engagement

360Learning is thrilled to announce a new partnership with HiBob, the industry-leading HR platform that simplifies people management and modernizes the work experience for every employee —driving engagement, culture, and productivity. 

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A New Partnership with HiBob

At the heart of our partnership is a new integration that more closely connects an employees’ 360Learning L&D journey into the Bob HRIS platform, empowering HR professionals to save time and enabling employees to focus on learning. And from what our customers tell us, saving time and prioritizing learning have never been more important.

L&D Drives Retention

As the Great Resignation continues to surge, many organizations are struggling to attract and retain talent. As a result, the demands placed on human resources professionals are higher than ever. To meet those demands head-on, and to maximize employee retention, HR teams need more than just a great HRIS: they need their HRIS to easily work with 360Learning’s LMS to provide a more complete view of each employee’s work experience, in turn enabling them to more easily assess learning, growth, and development.

We know from our survey of more than 600 US employees that L&D plays an important role in employee satisfaction. When we asked, “How important are learning and training opportunities to your overall satisfaction with your job?” The median answer was 84 out of 100.

learning and training opportunities satisfaction
Our survey of 600 US employees shows a median answer of 84/100 score when asked “How important are learning and training opportunities to your overall satisfaction with your job?”

This reiterates the understanding that L&D serves a vital role in employee satisfaction and retention, and that companies that promote L&D as a critical part of the employee journey will recruit and retain their best talent. That understanding showcases the opportunity for HiBob and 360Learning to work more closely together to better serve our customers.

Companies that promote L&D as a critical part of the employee journey will recruit and retain their best talent.

Bridging the Technology Gap

Both companies know that even when customers do prioritize L&D as part of their growth and retention strategies, challenges remain. Customers report that their HR teams still confront administrative headaches amidst the constant stream of new hires, departures, promotions, and reorganizations.

So we wondered: what if our platforms could work more closely together to eliminate those headaches, empowering HR and L&D teams to refocus their time on learning? Could we create a solution to automate workflows, increase productivity, and reduce human error?

The result is a new integration that directly connects the Bob and 360Learning platforms to sync user data, simplifying the workflow and saving time for HR and L&D professionals.

A Powerful Connection

Our new integration easily and automatically syncs employee data from Bob to 360Learning in seconds. With robust support for managing multiple levels, groups, and labels, the integration can automate and replicate even the most complicated organizational structures with ease.

360Learning and Hibob Integration page

The integration allows customers to:

  • Automatically sync your entire user base between your HRIS platform and 360Learning
  • Migrate your organizational structure with nested groups and custom fields
  • Stay current with daily updates.

Putting the Focus Back on People

360Learning’s commitment to empowering people goes beyond our passion for building tools to foster Collaborative Learning: we’re enabling our customers to prioritize L&D and simplify the way they work.

This powerful integration is turnkey, and works with virtually any HRIS platform with no custom product development. In fact, it is already being utilized by customers of several of our other HRIS partners in addition to HiBob. All of that adds up to more time back to focus on what really matters: growing and retaining people.

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