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How Adisseo Leverages 360Learning, SAP, and Collaborative Learning to Place Employee Development at the Heart of its HR Strategy


of Adisseo’s content is relevant to learners


of learners feel more connected, a 20% increase from their previous learning platform


internal ambassadors in 2023, compared to 5 in 2022

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Adisseo produces global nutritional solutions for sustainable animal feed with sales of €2.04 billion euros in 2022. Adisseo has a global presence with more than 2,700 employees and 4,200 customers in over 110 countries. Sustainability and doing more with less is crucial to Adisseo’s business model as one of the world’s leading experts in feed additives.

The team

Céline Katzanevas
Céline Katzanevas
HRIS Manager
Céline Le Montagner
Céline Le Montagner
Global HR and Transformation Director


Addisseo's business challenges:

Employees needed a digital tool for career development that could grow alongside them. In order to put employee growth back at the heart of their learning strategy, Adisseo sought a modern tool that could engage and empower their field employees.

Identifying and enabling internal experts required significant effort and dedication. The process to transfer product and technical knowledge to reskill and upskill employees was a valuable investment of time and energy.

Adisseo needed integrated systems to be able to track their digital training with their face-to-face training, as well as certification management. They sought a modern, streamlined  LMS to improve user experience and employee training satisfaction.

Adisseo’s solution was to leverage the powerful integration between 360Learning and SAP SuccessFactors.

Solution 1: Implement a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated learning platform (SAP SuccessFactors LMS + 360Learning LXP and Academies). This allows learners to be easily segmented by function and organization, improving the learner experience to receive the right training at the right time.

Solution 2: Collaborative learning Academies provide the opportunity to expand the circle of internal experts and ambassadors. The ability to crowdsource Learning Needs makes it seamless to train sales staff and identify experts who can develop relevant courses on products, sustainability, R&I, and sales. Now, 80% of Learning Needs are met via content created by in-house experts.

Solution 3: Upskill and reskill employees by rolling out a large number of both in-person and digital courses, averaging 2-3 new trainings each month in 2023

“Using 360Learning and SuccessFactors, we have successfully put learning and employee development back at the heart of our HR strategy, with a target of 100% of employees trained by 2024. We have simplified our training processes and seen significant improvement in the user experience and employee training satisfaction.”

- Céline Katzanevas, HRIS Manager, Adisseo


Adisseo developed homegrown learning that empowers experts, delivers relevant training, and fosters a culture of skills-based learning — all in one comprehensive platform. 

Adisseo’s challenge was to put the development of employees’ business and soft skills back at the heart of its learning strategy. At the same time, there was a strong need to balance in-person sessions with digital training needs, and ensuring learners were up-to-date on mandatory compliance training.

First, they had to revitalize in-person training (which is 80% of their training needs) and to enable their internal experts to create training in order to share their expertise. They were able to do this with 360Learning’s easy-to-use authoring tool that allowed subject matter experts to create universally relevant content that  improved knowledge around sustainability and soft skills.

By leveraging 360Learning’s dynamic collaborative learning Academies with SAP SuccessFactors’ rich people data and talent insights, Adisseo was able to upskill employees in the areas of products, sustainability, research and innovation, and sales.

It was vital to ensure that the flow of information between the two solutions was seamless and that learners had the best possible user experience. The combination of SuccessFactors and 360Learning met their needs perfectly:

- SuccessFactors ensures management of certifications and face-to-face training 

- 360Learning empowers internal experts to create  digital training (including self-service)

Adisseo is now averaging 2-3 new digital trainings per month, and has formed an internal Ambassador Community that has grown from 5 employees at the start of 2022, to 50 at the end of 2023.