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🤖 Software training the old way

  • Introducing new software takes weeks
  • Ad-hoc, leads to performance gaps
  • Not covering business needs
  • Rookie mistakes costing $
  • Knowledge leaves with staff

🚀 Now: best practices at scale

  • Relevant training created in minutes
  • Efficient teams upskilled consistently
  • Tailored programs led by power users
  • Fail-safe environment to practice
  • Internal expertise stays for good

How Appen meets business needs with 360Learning

Kristin TrujequeDirector, Learning & Development
"360Learning lets L&D operate at the speed of business. We can address changing business needs at a much faster pace."

Achieve software adoption in a breeze

Drive adoption
Boost productivity
Retain knowledge
Increase satisfaction
Streamline processes
Maximize ROI
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Show the right way from the start

Encapsulate internal expertise

Launching new software is time consuming and adoption is unpredictable. Upskill from within by enabling your experts to show the right way from the start via screencast demos and embedded tutorials.

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Software Training - Encapsulate internal expertise
Company-specific training

Cookie-cutter software training will never cover 100% of business needs. Bring your power users on board with our collaborative authoring tool.

Screencast demo

3,2,1, action! Empower experts to demo away best practices via our built-in video recorder, no plug-in required.

Course templates

Internal experts are no instructional designers. They need not be! With software training-specific course templates, they can upskill their team in minutes.

Iorad integration

Don't waste time taking dozens of screenshots or leave learners guessing where to click. Create step-by-step tutorials in Iorad, and embed them seamlessly into your 360Learning courses.

How Telnet achieved a 53% increase in customer satisfaction over 6 months

Megan KozeluhSr. Manager of Human Resources and Training
"The versatility of 360Learning’s features, and the ease of content updates, ensure training is engaging for our teams."

Nip rookie mistakes in the bud

Ensure knowledge retention

How do you ensure learners don't just skip through the training? Spot implementation errors before they arise with hands-on practice and feedback loops. Your IT Helpdesk will thank you!

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Software Training - Ensure knowledge retention
Video assessments

Practice makes perfect. Assess learners' proficiency in video with our built-in screen recorder.

Pick-a-point questions

Get that hands-on approach without actually being in the system, by asking learners to click the correct hotspot.


Unanswered questions lead to avoidable errors... and Helpdesk tickets. Connect learners with power users via contextual Q&As in the course forum.


Keep relevant information front and center by surfacing the most-voted questions automatically.

How Qare divided implementation errors by 10

Rosetta MichauxSales Enablement Manager
"360Learning is much more than a training tool. 360Learning engages teams and encourages them to share best practices in order to become a learning organization."

Scale software training for good

Upskilling without the upkeep

Software training doesn't have to end in an L&D admin nightmare. Leverage actionable dashboards and automations for consistent upskilling across your organization.

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Software Training - Upskilling withing the upkeep

Deliver cohort-based upskilling across departments and geographies without compromising on training consistency.

Path linearity

Include software training into your onboarding or upskilling paths. Specify the order of courses, or let learners choose for themselves.

Relative due dates

There's no point in drilling advanced software knowledge to beginners. Unlock content at the right time with individualized deadlines in 1 click.

Feedback inbox

Say goodbye to pings and tags on multiple platforms. Centralize feedback across all courses so you can respond in one go.

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