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Market Guide for Corporate Learning Suites
Discover the latest Gartner recommendations when evaluating a Corporate Learning solution
Digital culture at scale
Discover in this white paper the best practices for implementing digital culture at scale through training.
6 steps to create successful online courses
Discover the key steps to achieve your learning goals and objectives.
Step by step guide to creating online training
The key to creating a perfect online course is engagement.
Discover the key principles of Massive Open Online Courses.
360Learning Documentation
Presentation of 360Learning : profiles, course creation, social features, programs, catalogue ...
Guide to digitize professional training
Find out the best ways to digitize professional training within corporate environments.
Training In The Retail Industry
Learn how to adapt your training strategies to become a customer experience champion.
Outstanding Software Training
Turn online training into a competitive advantage at each step of the customer journey
Mobile Learning
Find out how you can capitalize on the opportunities of mobile learning

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Case Studies

How to digitize a corporate academy to engage young audiences?
Courses launched
Success Rate
How to train 2,000 employees straight from their workplace?
2 000
Courses Launched
Engagement Rate
How to globally train a sales force with only one trainer in just a few months?
Courses launched
Content created internally
How to launch regulatory training for 4,500 employees in just 1 month?
4 500
Courses launched in 1 month
Engagement rate
How to train all employees in the context of international expansion?
2 500
Courses launched
Completion rate
How to develop training courses on safety in nuclear power plants for onsite contractors?
2 600
1 000
Courses launched
Completion rate

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5 Key e-learning findings from academic research
Explore the latest academic studies on learners and trainers engagement
Discover the concepts of active learning and mirror neurons and their important role in the learning process.
Why you are struggling to engage your learners online?
Get insight on how to reach full engagement from the audience of your training programs
Discover key Learning Engagement Platform features to get your learners hooked on your training programs.
How to create online courses at the same pace as your business cycle?
Methods & tools to quickly create and update online courses without e-learning skills
We’ll show how a user-centric approach to course creation at all levels allows you to design addictive courses in just a few hours.
How to achieve a 100% engagement rate for your training programs?
Master key factors & best practices to drive engagement
Discover all of the new teaching methods and key 360Learning platform features to get your learners hooked on your training programs.
How to create engaging online courses?
Live demonstration of our Learning Engagement Platform
Presentation of 360Learning : gamified, fast, collaborative, best in class interface. A new era of digital learning.

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