March 23, 4:00 PM

3 Key Ways to Amplify Your L&D Programs With Off-The-Shelf Content

Speakers from
OpenSesame 360Learning

About Webinar

The good news: your business is thriving and growing fast. The scary news: that means you, as an L&D professional, have an astronomical amount of new courses to create—and quickly. How can you design personalized, engaging learning experience for all your employees, even if you’re low on time? What about in a hybrid or remote-first context? 

Join us for a webinar on March 23rd at 12pm EST, where Alex Kinney, Learning Advisor at 360Learning, and Ashley Brown, Customer Success Manager at OpenSesame, share their proven strategies for scaling L&D programs. 

With relevant off-the-shelf content and a collaborative approach, you can build a robust training program for any context, whether you’re an L&D team of one or one hundred.

What you'll learn

  • How to leverage internal subject-matter experts for faster course creation
  • How to easily ensure courses stay relevant, without wasting time
  • How to build social interactions around off-the-shelf content 
  • How to create engaging, asynchronous courses for a remote or hybrid context
  • How off-the-shelf content promotes efficiency and easily supports diverse learning styles
  • How to use off the self content as a foundation for dynamic, interactive learning


Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown
Customer Success Manager
Alex Kinney
Alex Kinney
Collaborative Learning Specialist