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Build and maintain a source of truth for skills with AI


Mapping skills is frustrating and time-consuming, often taking months or years to complete. By the time you’re done, your skills data is out of date. Let AI keep a pulse on the skills in and out of your organization–so you can act faster.

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AI-powered skills ontology

Connect your existing skills ontology or get started with our industry-standard ontology. Ensure your skills ontology is as dynamic as your business with AI-powered suggestions and customization.

Skills assessment

Automate the maintenance of people’s skills profiles and proficiency levels. Set up triggers for learner self-assessments, manager validation, and skill assessment campaigns so your organization’s skills are always accurate and valid. 

Smart ontology

AI-powered smart ontology auto-tags skills, identifies duplicates, and ensures compatibility and localization, while also identifying industry standards and continually updating the ontology.

Skills dashboard

Understand and map skills across your organization. Uncover skills gaps and identify experts with actionable insights at your fingertips.

Julia Vincent | Alphasights
Julia VincentDirector, Client Service Excellence
360Learning has been a game changer. It’s helped us scale our expertise, increased engagement, and helped employees acquire the skills needed to boost productivity across the board

Outperform today with upskilling campaigns


Skills gaps prevent high performance. With upskilling campaigns, cue the right learning to the right learner at the right time to close skill gaps. Once completed, managers assess their teams, and map skill progression.  Manage performance across your workforce through upskilling.

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360learning upskilling campaigns
Upskilling dashboard

Uncover skills gaps by comparing your learners’ current skills against the skills required for their job. Seamlessly launch targeted upskilling campaigns and monitor progress–all from the dashboard.

Role progression mapping

In one click, provide learners with a clear view of the requisite skills profile for their current role. Managers can view individual or team-wide skills gaps to tailor their coaching and training efforts.

Upskilling workflows

Upskilling is made easy with workflows that evaluate learners, identify their upskilling needs, and enroll them in personalized learning paths. Once completed, notify managers to assess their learners’ newly acquired skills.

Ashley EmersonLearning and Development Manager
"I knew that a culture of collaborative upskilling would be a good fit for our young creative company. I loved the idea of being able to tap into everyone's expertise to scale our L&D offering and create something really special."

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Outskill tomorrow with reskilling campaigns

Reskilling campaigns

Without reskilling, planning the future of your workforce is a daunting task. Clearly map the steps forward for your team’s career growth. Use workflows to assign training that develops career-advancing skills and unlocks internal mobility as a strategic workforce advantage.

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360learning Reskilling campaigns
Role advancement mapping

Give employees visibility on the required steps to meet their next opportunity. Employees can compare their current skillset with the skills and level of proficiency required for their desired role.

Reskilling workflows

Streamlined workflows simplify reskilling. Select specific jobs, identify your learner population, and assign the right training to propel your learners to their next role.

Reskilling dashboard

Identify skills gaps and launch a targeted reskilling campaign in one click from the dashboard. Monitor the progress of your reskilling efforts and watch your skills gaps close fast.

Tap into your experts to unlock growth: Upskill with Academies

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Identify and close content gaps by launching learning projects with your internal experts

Skills-based learning catalog

When you identify gaps in your learning catalog, finding experts to address skills gaps is a challenge. Instead, let AI surface the best internal experts or off-the-shelf content to support you with courses tailored to your business’s context for maximized performance.

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360learning Skills-based learning catalog
Catalog skills tagging

AI-powered tags automatically mark your courses keeping maintenance low and skills data accurate.

Skills catalog dashboard

Easily spot content gaps in your catalog and reveal insights that help you prioritize training.

Profile tagging

Automatic profile tags empower your learners and allow you to easily identify experts.

Charline IppolitiFormer Marketing Consumer Relations Officer
"360Learning’s seamless, intuitive platform enables me to generate employee engagement and identify skill development needs."

Enable learning and working together:

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Partner with skills experts to lead your business to success

Top-tier skills experts

Even with the best software, it can be hard to know where to start. Our team of top-tier experts with proven success in skills-based learning are ready to coach you every step of the way as you lead your organization to outskill the competition.

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Top-tier skills experts
World-class implementation

Our global team partners with you along the way. From customization, to strategy, to structure and integration, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Coaching from industry experts

Become a strategic skills-based organization by partnering with best-in-class skills consultants who can guide your strategic organizational transformation. Implement best practices informed by world-renowned skills-based learning experts.