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SCORM is a set of technical standards and specifications used to create online training programs. While 360Learning allows quick and easy integration with SCORM (1.2 and 2004), we strongly believe SCORM content impedes Collaborative Learning experiences with flat, non-interactive formats.  With the 360Learning for SCORM integration, L&D teams can leverage existing content and better measure the impact of SCORM courses.

Leverage existing content

Teams that already have a library of content created with SCORM don’t have to worry about recreating it from scratch. Seamlessly embed your existing modules into the platform, saving you valuable time.

Measure the impact of your resources

Your team spends valuable time creating content and resources. When you have learners access resources through 360Learning, you’ll be able to measure the impact over time.

SCORM + 360Learning

Want to know more about SCORM? Check out our documentation.

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