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Enrich your learning catalog with courses from OpenSesame
Curate and contextualize within paths
Seamlessly search and access courses
Synchronized analytics


OpenSesame makes learning easy and accessible, with the most comprehensive catalog of eLearning courses from the world’s top publishers. Easily sync courses to 360Learning to increase utilization and improve your Learning & Development programs.

The integration with 360Learning allows organizations to bring OpenSesame’s content library – the most comprehensive catalog of eLearning courses from the world’s top publishers – into 360Learning to provide learners with a wide range of courses on a variety of topics. Learning and Development teams can quickly and effectively customize training programs with high-quality content that is both useful and engaging for learners—while saving both time and money.

Coming soon: As a new 360Learning customer, you can jumpstart your learning from day one with a curated selection of ten OpenSesame courses at no extra cost. Courses are easy to access directly within your platform and include relevant topics such as leadership, AI, Business Skills, DEI, and wellness.

Enrich your learning catalog

Access over 25,000 OpenSesame courses in a variety of formats and languages to provide your learners with what they need to learn the latest skills across a range of disciplines.

Curate and contextualize courses within paths

Draw a direct line from best practice to practical application by curating OpenSesame courses in 360Learning paths. Add a short introduction or curate multiple courses to connect industry expertise to your day-to-day business context.

Seamlessly search and access courses

Empower learners to proactively pursue professional development by putting available courses, whether developed internally or by OpenSesame, at their fingertips. You provide the catalog, their search starts the journey.

Synchronized analytics

Ensure that everyone is up to date on course assignments and learner progress with automatic data synchronization. Retired courses in OpenSesame are automatically removed from 360Learning.