LiveDecember 19, 5:00 PM

How Supportworks Drives Great Customer Education with 150+ Tailored Courses

Supportworks is on a mission to redefine the contractor industry for good. To do this, the company designs and manufactures products for its worldwide network of foundation and concrete repair dealers, offers software to streamline engagements between contractors and homeowners, and leads a franchise of national garage renovation businesses.

These are some ambitious goals. To achieve them, Supportworks needs to offer the right training opportunities for its network of franchisees, contractors, and customers. So, how does Supportworks deliver this support? With an excellent range of customer education coaching experiences drawing from more than 150 tailored courses.

By offering tailored training on anything from day-to-day business management (processing sales, marketing products, and hiring staff) through to leadership development and financial analysis, Supportworks can make sure every one of its partners succeeds. But delivering such a wide range of customer education is no easy feat.

Join Tammy Olsen, Director of Instructional Design at Supportworks, in conversation with Tom Baragwanath, Global Head of Content at 360Learning, on December 19 at 12pm ET to find out how Supportworks:

  • Goes beyond just selling materials to offer tailored learning and development experiences for dealers, franchisees, and customers
  • Drives better outcomes for its network of businesses through the Supportworks Learning Center, with 160 courses created so far 
  • Quarterbacks subject-matter experts to create customer education learning experiences with over 22,000 learner approvals and 100% ratings for relevance
  • Curates a network of contractors and service providers to help guide and support each other to solve shared problems
  • Onboards and upskills customers with the right mix of hybrid learning, supplementing asynchronous eLearning with in-person training and events
Tammy OlsonDirector of Instructional Design
Tom BaragwanathGlobal Head of Content