LiveNovember 15, 4:00 PM

Collaborative Learning 101: Sales Enablement with the 360Learning Suite

Learn how forward-thinking L&D teams can engage and inspire learners with our Collaborative Learning Specialist in this 30-minute demonstration webinar.

Sales leaders face enormous challenges every day: overflowing inboxes, overlapping schedules, personnel changes, not to mention quotas to hit. It’s not easy to find the time to train and coach their teams…until now.

At 360Learning, we’ve applied our vision of collaborative learning and upskilling from within to the specific challenges your sales force faces. Our answer? Our sales enablement solution. Join us for a 30-minute demonstration with our learning specialist, who will walk you through how to level up team performance through video coaching, asynchronous training, upskilling from within, and more.

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This will be a small group session to allow you to ask questions. You’ll learn:

  • How to manage pitch reviews on your own time with video coaching
  • The ins and outs of our Salesforce integration, to meet your reps where they are
  • Tricks for automating training and onboarding processes 
  • How to capture and share the knowledge of your top sales performers

More than 2,300 training teams have transformed their learning culture with our platform. Come and hear more about how we’re helping organizations around the world learn and grow together.

Seats are limited to allow for quality exchanges - don’t miss out :)

Robyn Bergesen
Robyn BergesenCollaborative Learning Specialist