July 19, 5:00 PM

Building Better Workplace Cultures: How to Create a Model that Works for You and Your Teams

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According to a recent study, the number one predictor of employee turnover isn’t salary, or even burnout—it’s toxic workplace culture. The Great Resignation continues to prove that employees are willing to put their pink slips where their mouths are and walk out the door of organizations that don’t provide safe, fulfilling, meaningful work environments.

But how do you know if your own workplace culture is driving employees to quit? What concrete steps can L&D and HR teams make to ensure their company culture isn’t driving employees (or recruits) away? What does a healthy, attractive model look like, and why is it one of your most valuable recruiting assets?

Join Audrey Jarre, Head of Learning at 360Learning, and Noah Warder, Head of People at Guusto on July 19 at 1:00 pm ET for a discussion on how to build better workplace cultures that work for you and your teams. You’ll learn:

  • What great culture really is
  • A model for creating company culture
  • How to add DEI and salary transparency to reinforce your culture


Noah Warder
Head of People
Audrey Jarre
Head of Learning