June 27, 3:00 PM

A New Era in L&D: What AI Means for the Future of Your Job

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AI is coming for L&D. But does that mean your job is in jeopardy? Not necessarily.

In case you missed it! Watch our virtual keynote on how AI will transform L&D jobs, but in a way that will provide strategic L&D teams with massive opportunities. Plus, get a first-hand look at never-before-seen, breakthrough AI capabilities developed by 360Learning. 

Featuring 360Learning CEO Nick Hernandez, CLO David James, and Director of Product Pauline Feray, you’ll get an inside look at: 

  • The AI transformation happening in the L&D industry
  • What AI means for your role now and in the future
  • Why AI isn’t the real threat to your job (and what really is)

You’ll also discover:

  • How to embrace AI while maintaining control over your training programs
  • How AI can enhance L&D collaboration and help you upskill employees faster
  • The single-most important AI skill for L&D professionals to learn

Be the First to See Revolutionary AI Capabilities for L&D

Attendees will also get an exclusive first look at AI like L&D has never seen before, including breakthrough capabilities designed to:

  • Streamline SME collaboration and course creation without sacrificing control
  • Transform static documents into engaging courses in just one click
  • Leverage skills data to enhance training relevance and boost performance

And more, including the reveal of the first-ever L&D Prompt Engineer Certification.


Nick Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer
David James
Chief Learning Officer
Pauline Feray
Director of Product