LiveNovember 17, 1:00 PM

5 Key Challenges L&D Teams Face – and How to Overcome Them

If our recent learning in the flow of work report taught us one thing, it’s that L&D leaders don’t have enough resources or budget to do all the things they are expected to do. When the pandemic emerged, L&D budgets were cut, and for many, they haven’t recovered. Now, teams are tasked with doing more with less. 

Combine this challenge with the fact that many L&D teams still lack insights around learner preferences, performance issues, data, and how to get buy-in from leadership, and it’s no wonder many are feeling the pressure. 

Luckily, there are some quick wins to help L&D teams everywhere overcome these challenges. Join David James, Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning on 17th November at 12pm for a session on how to overcome the most pressing challenges facing L&D teams today.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why you don’t need huge resources and budget to make an impact   
  2. How to better understand your learners using performance analysis methods
  3. Why data is key to solving business problems
  4. How to get leadership buy-in for your projects
  5. Why you should be measuring impact rather than engagement
David JamesChief Learning Officer