employee onboarding survey template

Increase new hire retention by asking the right questions.

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Maximize new hire retention from week one

75% of job candidates are never or rarely asked for feedback after applying for a role, and 30% of new employees leave their jobs within their first 90 days. So how can you ensure your employee recruitment and onboarding programs encourage new hires to stick around? By collecting constructive and data-driven feedback from your new employees early on, with an onboarding survey or questionnaire.

Use these onboarding survey templates at the one week, one month, and three month marks to:

  1. Better understand your new hires' expectations and satisfaction level, and how they're adapting to their new role
  2. Identify areas where your recruitment and onboarding programs need improvement, and specifically what to improve
  3. Provide more relevant onboarding training and support to your new hires