How Murex Scaled Knowledge Sharing by Engaging over 400 In-House Experts

New training projects launched

contributing subject-matter experts (SMEs)

Net Promoter Score from producers

Murex provides enterprise-wide, cross-asset financial technology solutions. Its MX.3 platform is engineered to meet evolving challenges. It supports trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations to help clients meet regulatory requirements and to manage risk and IT costs. Murex has more than 57,000 daily users in over 60 countries.

Murex supports diverse financial services clients, from banking and asset management to commodities and energy. Murex has over 2,500 team members across 19 locations who provide cutting-edge technology, superior customer service and unique product innovation.

The team

Zachary Pfau | Murex
Zachary Pfau
Head of Digital Learning

The challenge

As Murex scaled their operations globally, they became increasingly focused on creating an environment where employees can effectively share their knowledge. Zachary Pfau, Head of Digital Learning, described wanting to find the perfect medium between two extremes. “If you go to one extreme, you have the YouTube or Instagram effect, meaning people can put out a lot of content without understanding what’s most useful, and it would end up not being consumed resulting in a degraded user experience and frustration from subject matter experts.” Meanwhile, the other extreme meant relying on an agency or centralizing L&D entirely, not ideal when trying to scale and cultivate a learning culture. A happy medium meant finding a way to decentralize knowledge sharing, while providing a seamless experience for course authors, or what Murex calls producers. 

Murex was using an outside project management tool to project plan for new training material with coaches. But, because the tool was not integrated into their learning solution, producers lacked the structure and visibility they needed to work on new learning projects. The team needed a more flexible tool that brought all stakeholders (L&D, coaches, producers) together in the flow of work.

The team at Murex were looking for a solution that would allow them to:

• Provide a consistent journey across learning projects, setting clear expectations and baking in quality checks

• Increase producer collaboration and satisfaction

• Ease course creation with an intuitive authoring tool

• Scale and support their future training goals, including author autonomy

The solution

Murex chose 360Learning and the Enterprise Plan as the best solution to help them create, collaborate on, and launch new courses at scale. “At Murex, we have a model that is closely aligned with 360Learning’s vision for collaborative learning.”

Since implementation, the Murex team has:

• Launched over 60 new training projects in collaboration with subject-matter experts (SME’s):

• Averaged 5 project squad members per project

• Delivered 1 training project every week on average

• Published 350+ courses to their catalog

“We bought 360Learning with a vision to enable and empower SME’s (regardless of their level) to be able to propagate their knowledge through our ecosystem.” - Zachary Pfau

Empowering experts to collaborate and share their knowledge

By producing new courses using 360Learning’s Project tool, subject-matter experts at Murex were able to easily share their knowledge. A project can kick off in less than 5 minutes through the assignment of a project lead, project squad members, and a deadline. In fact, one project that was focused on leadership soft skills had 26 project members from around the world—all experts who contributed to the course by sharing their knowledge, acting as a reviewer, or promoting it within the right groups. 

The Project tool empowers producers with the resources they need to create courses and share their expertise, thanks to the tool's built-in, streamlined process. Collaboration is made easy between project members with visibility of tasks and headlines, and a forum to have on-topic discussions. 

The L&D team at Murex send producers a user feedback survey after their course has been published. “Overall, they’re (producers)  having a very positive experience in terms of engagement with Learning Engagement Coaches (LEC), using the platform, and the project journey,” remarked Jonade Naeem, a LEC at Murex.

“When we put project management in the same tool (360Learning), now you have a learning platform, an authoring tool, and project management capabilities to master the process around production - all in the same place. That's really powerful.” - Zachary Pfau


With the implementation of 360Learning, Murex went from managing projects in a standard project management tool, with access only given to L&D, to implementing projects in 360Learning that provide a seamless experience for producers, reviewers, managers, and L&D to create and collaborate on new learning courses.

The shift created amazing results:

• 83 NPS score from producers

• 400+ SME’s have contributed to a course

• Producers found the process “Easy”, Enriching and fulfilling”, and “Rewarding”

The Future

As a next step to empower employees, Murex is planning to roll out Learning Needs to effectively gather and synthesize training needs from across the organization. Upvoting will allow Murex to prioritize and plan new training projects. L&D will be able to identify potential producers even faster with a volunteer button and expert suggestions directly on the need. 

Once Learning Needs are launched, projects can be created in one click directly from a need. Learners will be able to see the status of any Learning Need they submitted or upvoted, helping to create more transparency within the company.

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