How Murex Scaled Knowledge Sharing by Engaging over 400 In-House Experts


New training projects launched


contributing subject-matter experts (SMEs)


Net Promoter Score from producers

Murex provides enterprise-wide, cross-asset financial technology solutions. Its MX.3 platform is engineered to meet evolving challenges. It supports trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations to help clients meet regulatory requirements and to manage risk and IT costs. Murex has more than 57,000 daily users in over 60 countries.

Murex supports diverse financial services clients, from banking and asset management to commodities and energy. Murex has over 2,500 team members across 19 locations who provide cutting-edge technology, superior customer service and unique product innovation.

The team

Zachary Pfau | Murex
Zachary Pfau
Head of Digital Learning

The challenge

As Murex scaled its operations globally, it shifted to focus on enabling employees to share their knowledge. Zachary Pfau, Head of Digital Learning, described wanting to find the perfect medium between two extremes. “If you go to one extreme, you have the YouTube or Instagram effect, meaning people can put out a lot of content without understanding what’s most useful, and it would end up not being consumed resulting in a degraded user experience and frustration from subject matter experts.” Meanwhile, the other extreme meant relying on an agency or centralizing L&D entirely. This option is far less scalable when cultivating a learning culture. Murex was seeking a tool to automate knowledge sharing while improving the experience for course authors (Murex calls its authors and subject-matter experts (SMEs) “producers”).

Murex was using an outside project management tool to plan new training with coaches. Because the tool was not integrated into their learning solution, producers lacked the structure and visibility they needed to work on new learning projects. The project management process was owned by the L&D team members, limiting context and input from coaches.  The team needed a more flexible tool that brought all stakeholders (L&D, coaches, producers) together in the flow of work. 

The team at Murex was looking for a solution that would allow them to:

• Provide a consistent journey across learning projects

Set clear expectations and bake in quality checks

Increase producer collaboration and satisfaction

• Ease course creation and collaboration with an intuitive authoring tool

• Automate and support their future training goals, including author autonomy

With almost 60 training projects already identified, Murex needed to turn its SMEs into a resource for creating training projects at scale.

The solution

Because 360Learning’s project management tool is designed around collaborative learning, SMEs have clarity on a project’s learning objective, timeline, and context not available in external tools.  When an L&D leader creates a project, they summarize the goal of the training project and assign tasks and deadlines to internal experts. L&D can also assign reviewers of the project to ensure all stakeholders have input on relevancy and accuracy. This streamlined workflow reduces bottlenecks from L&D.

Producers know exactly which activities they are responsible for creating. From knowledge checks to videos, to slides or text, course authors are empowered to generate learner-centric content. If an author has a question, they can use the project forum to engage with other producers, reviewers, and admins. Visibility into blockers, contingencies, or project status means no surprises for any project team member. 

To date, Murex has involved 15% of its total workforce to create courses for its employees. Training projects range across every business function and average five producers per project. Because of the new-found transparency and collaboration, Murex’s teams were able to deliver a new training project every week. With project delivery this speedy, Murex can now adapt to changing business needs. 

“We bought 360Learning with a vision to enable and empower SME’s (regardless of their level) to be able to propagate their knowledge through our ecosystem.” - Zachary Pfau, Head of Digital Learning

Empowering experts to collaborate and share their knowledge

Murex chose 360Learning's Champion Solution to help them create, collaborate on, and launch new courses at scale. Zachary Pfau, Head of Digital Learning, shared more about the culture: “At Murex, we have a model that is closely aligned with 360Learning’s vision for collaborative learning.

With 360Learning serving as their all-in-one learning platform and project management tool, knowledge sharing was transformed.  In less than five minutes, L&Ds could assign a project lead, SMEs, and a deadline. One project on soft leadership skills had 26 project members from around the world! Each expert contributed to the course by creating activities, reviewing, or promoting it within the right groups. That’s global collaboration at scale. 

The L&D team at Murex sends producers a user feedback survey after each course launch. “Overall, they’re (producers) having a very positive experience in terms of engagement with us [Learning Engagement Coaches (LEC)], the platform, and the project journey,” remarked Jonade Naeem, a LEC at Murex who helps onboard and coach new producers in the knowledge sharing journey.

“When we put project management in the same tool (360Learning), now you have a learning platform, an authoring tool, and project management capabilities to master the process around production - all in the same place. That's really powerful.” - Zachary Pfau


Before 360Learning, Murex managed projects from a standard management tool. Access was only given to L&D team members. Now, 360Learning provides the agility for producers, reviewers, managers, and L&D to collaborate on new learning courses at scale. Producers, including software engineers, found the process of creating courses to be efficient, enjoyable, and easy to adopt. 

The change in productivity was astounding:

• 83 NPS score from producers

• 400 internal SMEs contributing to L&D as producers

• Weekly delivery of new training projects

Published 350+ courses to their catalog

Producers found the process:

• “Easy”

• "Enriching and fulfilling”

• “Rewarding”

The feedback Murex gathered emphasizes the impact of a well-aligned team. Strong collaboration between producers and L&D, facilitated by the project tool, created a roadmap for future upskilling and reskilling projects.

The Future

Enabling experts creates a strategic L&D program with a strong alignment between upskilling needs and learners. While most project management tools automate tasks and notifications, 360Learning automates content distribution, assignment, reporting, tasks, and course reviews. The project management features available in the Champion Solution can build a community. Experts and L&D align and continuously deliver thanks to the agility and transparency of the tool. Murex is now developing a new process to provide clarity over course ownership to improve accountability and streamline the ability to maintain and update existing courses. 

Murex plans on rolling out additional features offered by 360Learning to attain its business goals related to learning, such as Academies to support skill growth. The productivity realized by Murex highlights how efficient collaborative learning can be. Murex is confident its upskilling and reskilling needs can be met now and in the future using 360Learning. Its experts and L&D team now have the process and automation they need to sustain a learner-centric and agile learning program that meets business needs. 

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