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Salesforce app integration with 360Learning

360Learning can now sync your training data with your Salesforce platform.

Boost your performance

Boost sales performance and customer service by providing training in the flow of work to your current workforce.

Directly measure the ROI of your training program

Draw direct correlations between training and performance data such as sales revenue or completing service tickets.

Optimize individual training outcomes

Analyze individual performance data in Salesforce to be able to provide the right training at the right time for your employees.

Integration Capabilities

Once activated and selected as part of your Salesforce package, the training data from 360Learning will appear within the Salesforce custom Reports and Dashboards for Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.

Reports will be generated for the following Salesforce profiles: users, contacts and leads. When one of these categories matches a user in 360Learning, all relevant training information is automatically synced.

This training data will include:

  • Session Stats
    • Last activity date
    • Progress
    • Score
    • Time spent
  • Certifications

Salesforce dashboard example

Data exchange

Data exchange between 360Learning and Salesforce


Activating the connection between 360Learning and Salesforce is very simple and can be done within the 360Learning platform. Should you require any assistance, your 360Learning account manager will guide you through the steps.

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