LMS, meet Collaborative Learning

The only learning platform that fuels teamwork by combining collaborative tools with the powerful LMS features you need.

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Learning at the speed of business


Course creation is a breeze

When the only constant of your business is change, you need to be agile. Craft courses at the speed of business with the subject-matter experts who know your business best. Any format, assessment, or expert is a click away.

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Authoring Tool

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Enable anyone to create a course in as little as 11 minutes–no technical skills required.

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Content Integrations

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Leverage content from anywhere to keep courses engaging and minimize up-keep.

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Collaborative Editing

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Ditch the storyboards and pings–collaborate with subject-matter experts directly within courses.


Designed for the way we learn today

Bringing your training online shouldn’t mean sacrificing human connection. Enable deeper learning with intentional peer interactions and knowledge sharing. The best part? People can learn in the flow of their work.

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Collaborative Hub

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Keep learners engaged and answer questions as they arise with discussion forums.

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Feedback Loops

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Improve courses continuously with built-in feedback loops.

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Peer-based Learning

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Put people at the center of your learning curriculum with rich profiles and dedicated group pages.

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Build a habit of learning with the help of challenges, achievements, and leaderboards.


Reach learners wherever they are

Your people are busier than ever. Give them the flexibility they need to complete trainings on the go. With our mobile app, every update to your training catalog is available in real-time so learners can start, pause, and resume training from anywhere

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iOS & Android Apps

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Bring Collaborative Learning anywhere with the latest UX mobile standards

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Offline Mode

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Download content and play it later–even with SCORM courses

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Push Notifications

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Keep learners engaged with reminders that won't get lost in their inbox


Where your L&D strategy takes flight

It’s hard to be strategic when you’re bogged down with spreadsheets and emails. Scale your impact with flexible organizing tools. All the admin superpowers you need to support a decentralized organization.

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Blended Learning

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Assign pre-work, schedule live discussions, and communicate with learners along the way–all from a single platform.

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Manage instructors, learners, and groups at scale.

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Discover training insights and drill down into data to drive improvement.

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Platform Architecture

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Design a structure that replicates your organization and business needs.

Implement Collaborative Learning everywhere work takes your teams

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The platform for Learning Organizations

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Learn how to become a true Learning Organization

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Start solving business problems with learning initiatives

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