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With a traditional LMS, it feels impossible to ship all requested courses. Instead, collaborative learning speeds up the creation process through many rich editing possibilities, and can be used by anyone without training.

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Course templates | 360Learning

Course templates

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Start creating in a snap with course templates. Templates are based on best-in-class digital pedagogy and lay the foundation for your courses.

Cheat sheets | 360Learning

Cheat sheets

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Liberate your creators from the headache of bulky text editors. Craft and format text docs in minutes.

Video recording | 360Learning

Video recording

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Capture engaging screen recordings and videos like a pro, without ever having to leave the platform.

Questions | 360Learning


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Evaluate course comprehension with 10+ question types, including true/false, multiple choice, pick-a-point, fill-in-the-blank, and more.

Correct answers | 360Learning

Answer correction

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Provide useful feedback and additional information for incorrect answers to improve understanding.


Creating engaging courses is useless if you can’t measure comprehension. Ensure important concepts are grasped and keep learners excited with a wide variety of question types.

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LMS question types
True or false | 360Learning


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Present learners with a statement and have them select if it’s true or false.

Single selection | 360Learning

Single selection

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Provide a single correct answer within multiple options. Choose to have answers display in random order.

Multiple choice | 360Learning

Multiple choice

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Provide multiple correct answers from a list of options. Choose to have answers display in random order.

Ordered | 360Learning


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Have learners arrange a series of answers in the correct order.

Linker | 360Learning


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Prompt learners to match answers from one column to answers in the next column.

Fill-in-the-blank | 360Learning


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Ask learners to fill in the blank within a sentence(s) and allow for multiple correct answers.

Pick-a-point | 360Learning


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Switch it up by uploading an image and asking your learners to click a part of it that has the correct answer to your question.

Open-ended | 360Learning


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Require a question to be graded by an evaluator by asking learners to submit an answer through text or a document.

Opinion | 360Learning


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Solicit opinions and reactions from learners that won’t count against the score of a course with multiple choice or open-ended options.

Video pitch | 360Learning

Video pitch

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Ask learners to submit a video of themselves pitching your product. Provide feedback in a 1:1 forum and allow them to resubmit as needed. Available with Coaching and Mobile Advanced.

Screencast demo | 360Learning

Screencast demo

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Ask learners to record their screen, and their faces if they choose, to demonstrate presentation skills. Available with Coaching.


Stop wasting time recreating content from scratch. Leverage content from anywhere without leaving the 360Learning platform.

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LMS training content integration
Web based files | 360Learning

Web Based Files

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Embed web based files by linking the URL directly in the course. Utilize existing resources that were created in Google documents, Prezi, and hundreds more, while keeping everything in sync.

File imports | 360Learning

File Imports

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Add videos, images and documents in any format to your course, with just one click.

SCORM compliance | 360Learning

SCORM Compliance

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Host and contextualize your existing eLearning catalog of 1.2 and 2004 SCORM courses without the hassle of content migration.

Automatic subtitles | 360Learning

Automatic subtitles

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Improve training reach for all learners with AI-powered subtitles on native video and recordings, or easily import your own subtitles.


Traditional LMS platforms force you to be a bottleneck when creating and updating courses. Enable experts to create, iterate, and collaborate all in one place.

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LMS training course collaboration
AI-powered authoring | 360Learning

AI-powered authoring

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Turn your experts into super-creators. With AI-powered features, such as automated question generation and content tagging, help experts create better courses.

Co-authors | 360Learning


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Give your courses the expert seal of approval. Easily add the right experts as co-authors to contribute and make edits to course content.

Internal comments | 360Learning

Internal comments

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Enable authors to collaborate and provide feedback with a private forum directly in the course. No more lost pings and email chains.

Feedback inbox | 360Learning

Feedback inbox

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Say goodbye to pings and tags on multiple platforms. With the feedback inbox, feedback is centralized across all courses so you can respond in one go. 

Reaction Score | 360Learning

Reaction Score

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Prompt learners to provide feedback at the activity level. Courses are given a Reaction Score that highlights what needs your attention.

Relevance Score | 360Learning

Relevance Score

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Don't guess whether your courses are useful. Ask. A 1-click survey is included at the end of every course.

Group-level authoring | 360Learning

Group-level authoring

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Make it easy for group authors to step in and keep courses up-to-date, even when someone is on vacation or has left for another adventure.

for the way
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Watch your course completion rates soar to 91% (Compared to 21% average completion rates through an LMS)


If your employees are not finishing courses, they're not getting what they need to grow at your company. Engage learners and watch your completion rates soar by providing space for meaningful interactions.

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Learning Needs | 360Learning

Learning Needs

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Activate Learning Needs to enable your learners to share their needs without disrupting their flow of work. Lean on internal experts to answer needs and reduce knowledge-related disruptions for your teams.

Discussion forum | 360Learning

Discussion Forum

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Keep discussions on-topic with activity-level forums. Learners and experts can post and answer questions directly in the thread, tagging appropriate user groups and/or people.

Upvotes | 360Learning


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Allow users to upvote comments within the discussion forum. The most upvoted comments stay at the top of the feed, keeping pertinent information front and center.

Reactions | 360Learning


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When your catalog isn’t in sync with your business’ evolution, everyone loses. Reactions leverage the intelligence of the crowd by continuously collecting feedback at the activity level.


Let's face it: an old school platform will not keep learners coming back. Increase engagement and improve learning outcomes by up to 24% with a powerful newsfeed and gamification features.

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LMS training gamification
Content recommendations | 360Learning

AI-powered recommendations

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Excite your learners with AI-powered personalized recommendations—accessible from the platform and delivered to your learners' inboxes.

Customized newsfeed | 360Learning

Customized newsfeed

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Increase visibility and keep learners up-to-date with a newsfeed that displays new and interesting posts. Pin important messages to the top of the feed for added visibility.

Achievements | 360Learning


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Make learning fun with achievements. Learners can earn achievements for exploring, taking courses, and for replying to comments in forums.

Leaderboard | 360Learning


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Learners and authors are ranked and recognized in the leaderboard for their engagement and contributions.

Course Playlists | 360Learning


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Let learners create custom playlists to revisit and complete later.


Your people are busy and need the flexibility to complete training on the go. With our mobile app, every update to your catalog is available in real-time. Learners can start, pause, and resume training from anywhere.

Discover Mobile Learning
iOS & Android apps | 360Learning

iOS & Android apps

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Woo your learners with a modern Instagram-like experience that keeps them learning. Bring collaborative learning anywhere with the latest consumer grade mobile standards.

Available offline | 360Learning

Offline mode

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No signal? No problem. Learners can continue learning, even offline.

Push notification | 360Learning

Push notifications

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Don’t risk losing your learners to generic emails. Capture your learners’ attention with highly relevant push notifications.

Mobile gamification | 360Learning


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Make learning fun and keep your learners motivated. Encourage healthy competition between learners with the challenge mode.

Mobile Advanced | 360Learning

Mobile Advanced

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Training frontline teams? Our Mobile Advanced solution is designed for deskless populations in retail, manufacturing and field sales. Equip your frontline teams for success.


Your teams have unique learning needs that vary based on their role, tenure, and career goals. Deliver personalized learning experiences with blended learning that incorporates live training and online courses.

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LMS training blended learning
Path linearity | 360Learning

Path linearity

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Create learning paths without losing your learners along the way. Specify the order of courses, or let learners choose for themselves.

Relative due dates | 360Learning

Relative due dates

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Personalize the learning experience with relative due dates, and motivate learners with individualized deadlines.

Automate learner enrollment | 360Learning

Automate learner enrollment

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Automate learner enrollment with dynamic groups and reduce admin time. Select learners one by one, or filter by groups and any custom fields, e.g. position, location, job title.

Course optionality | 360Learning

Course optionality

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Add optional courses learners can choose to access, and allow learners to skip courses already taken.

Sessions | 360Learning


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Organize path sessions for different cohorts of learners, and choose the right instructor for each cohort.

Courses | 360Learning


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Add any number of courses to a path, including ones that were created in the platform, SCORM, or through an off-the-shelf content provider.

Course options | 360Learning

Course options

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Specific requirements a learner must meet to complete a course? Set the min or max time limit, the minimum score and number of attempts.

Live training | 360Learning

Live training

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Educate learners in cohorts through in-person or virtual training scheduled on the platform.

Email notifications | 360Learning

Email notifications

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Keep learners in the know with email communication. Once an individual or group has been registered for a session, learners receive an email notification alerting them.

Assessments | 360Learning


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Ensure knowledge retention with assessments throughout the learning experience.

Certificates | 360Learning


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Commemorate learning program completion with a digital certificate highlighting newly acquired skills.

Shareable on LinkedIn | 360Learning

Shareable on LinkedIn

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Boost learners’ motivation by letting them boast about new skills to their professional network. Learners can share earned certificates on LinkedIn.

Certificate expiration alerts | 360Learning

Certificate expiration alerts

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Set a validity period for a certificate, and get automated notifications when it expires.


Create a dedicated home for each of your learning communities across any use case. Create new Academy pages in just minutes. Now you can stay on top of large upskilling initiatives while giving your learners exactly what they need.

Create an academy
Learning academies LMS
Customization | 360Learning


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Provide a custom experience for learning communities - built for customers, partners, departments, and more. Group pages have tailored elements such as banner images and welcome messages.

Career and skill paths | 360Learning

Career and skill paths

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Ignite curiosity through curation of custom career and skills paths that promote courses, programs, and even live training.

Community | 360Learning


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Amp up engagement with dedicated newsfeeds within academies, where learners can share ideas, join in discussion, and learn from each other.

Nested Groups | 360Learning

Nested Groups

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Build unlimited layers of groups and sub-groups to enable a relevant learning experience at scale.


Your people aren't always aware of the courses that are available. Power their skills with smart recommendations in the flow of their work.

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LMS training learn in the flow of work

Where your
L&D strategy
takes flight

Learners find courses on 360Learning to be useful to their work


A user-friendly dashboard experience you’ll love. View and customize the analytics you need to understand what’s happening in your learning platform, and why. Develop strategies for the future using the metrics that matter.

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LMS Course reporting insights
Manager dashboard | 360Learning

Manager dashboard

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Managers can see progress and completion data by team, learner, or course. View which skills your learners are developing. Generate automated weekly email performance reports and reminders.

Group dashboard | 360Learning

Group dashboard

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Access quick, precise, and actionable visibility on global stats of your groups and subgroups. Export and compare data to paint a holistic view of your learners’ development.

Course dashboard | 360Learning

Course dashboard

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Track performance across your entire learning catalog with reporting that includes Relevance Score and Reactions.

Classroom dashboard | 360Learning

Classroom dashboard

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Monitor and optimize attendance rates for instructor-led training sessions with a dedicated classroom dashboard.

Report download | 360Learning

Report download

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Filter, save, and export custom reports that meet your business needs. Export a CSV directly from the dashboard.

Mobile Dashboard | 360Learning

Mobile Dashboard

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Training frontline teams? Empower local managers to be learning champions—with training stats and reminders at their fingertips via the app.


Setting up individuals with the right permissions across groups of learners is frustrating and time consuming. Dynamic user settings make it easy to deliver the right training to the right learners from day one.

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LMS training user management
User provisioning | 360Learning

User provisioning

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Import users one-by-one, by CSV import or let users self register using a magic link eliminating the need for their email address.

Permissions | 360Learning


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Assign permissions by user or group to ensure correct access to tools and content.

Groups | 360Learning


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Easily segment learners into relevant groups according to the characteristics that drive learning needs (by function, location, role, or any other dimension).

Nested Groups | 360Learning

Nested Groups

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Build unlimited layers of groups and sub-groups to enable a relevant learning experience at scale.

Advanced roles | 360Learning

Advanced roles

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Decentralize administration of larger organizations with fine-tuned roles that exist at the group level.

User admin | 360Learning

User admin

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Delegate user management within a group(s), without bogging them down with admin rights they don't need.

Labels | 360Learning

Custom fields

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Assign unlimited custom fields to users that reflect internal data to optimize tracking, content assignment, and building reports.


When you're launching a corporate academy, breaking through the everyday noise can be challenging. Use highly customizable design options to reflect your brand identity and learning culture.

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LMS training branded experience
Your brand | 360Learning

Your brand

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Reinforce your brand throughout the learning journey by adding your company logo and colors. Customize your URL to reflect your brand.

Courses | 360Learning


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Attract learners to courses with custom cover images and descriptions. 

Multi-domain | 360Learning


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Provide a custom URL for each group within the learning platform.

External links | 360Learning
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Add custom links to learners’ profiles so they have quick access to important resources (like your website, HR platform, and more). 


Creating a custom integration that fits your organization's needs is a breeze with 360Learning’s API.

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LMS API integrations
E-commerce | 360Learning


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Monetize your courses and provide a fluid experience for your partners - from catalog browsing to content consumption, and payment processing.

User provisioning | 360Learning

User sync

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Sync your user data with any HR system. You can setup workflows that automatically create and update users within 360Learning.

Custom reporting | 360Learning

Custom reporting

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Create reporting and custom dashboards by pulling learning stats related to users, courses, and programs directly into your CRM or BI tool.

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